Acceptance of Resignation Letter and Its Template

When you are the boss of a company, sometimes you will face your employees’ resignation. There are a lot of reasons why they resign from your place. Although it is not easy to face this situation, you need to handle it professionally with good manner. One thing you can do is writing an acceptance of resignation letter to your employees. This kind of letter does not only mean that you accept their resignation, but it is also a form of your gratitude towards their years of service. If you are still confused how to compose the letter, here are some ways to ease you.

How should I respond a resignation letter?

Receiving a resignation letter perhaps will surprise you, especially when it comes from a good employee. However, you still have to act professional. When employees tell you about their intention to resign verbally, you need to respond that you only accept a formal written resignation letter. After you get their resignation letter, you should respond it formally too by stating your acceptance in a business letter. The last thing is that you have to protect yourself. You should have a copy of your acceptance letter while you send the other one to your employees.

Why should I write this letter?

When your employees send you a resignation letter, it would be wiseful if you, as the employer, ensure their resignation letter by sending back an acceptance of resignation letter. The point of writing this letter is to confirm their resignation as they need to sign off on the resignation’s acceptance that you send. Besides, your employees also have to return some of office facilities they have such as keys, laptop, or ID badge.

Sometimes employees change their mind knowing if there is no confirmation from you. They might also think that you do not accept or reject their resignation. Or the worst thing might happen when they claim that it is a termination, so they will propose for unemployment. For all the reasons, you still need to write this acceptance letter as a formal confirmation of their resignation.

What are tips to write an acceptance letter?

There are several tips you can apply when you want to write an acceptance letter. First, you need to use appropriate format. This should be formal business letter format with professional language. Then, state your acceptance in the first sentence and the confirmation of employees’ effective date of resignation. You can also express your feelings such as appreciation and gratitude to their resignation but still in a professional way. After that, you need to direct them to arrange an exit interview. Give them a list of work facilitates they have to return. The last, you should write some positive words, future hopes, and understandings.

Acceptance of Resignation Letter Template

Writing an acceptance of resignation letter might be hard for you who is a newbie manager. Thus, we provide you a template that can be your inspiration.

Dear Mr. Tako

I am so regret to acknowledge and confirm your resignation letter on this December 30, 2020 as a manager in Business Analysis Department of Streetfood Industries, LLC. I do appreciate your loyalty over the past 7 years in this department. Your contributions to help this company has been incredible.

Please call Dora in the Human Resources Department to arrange an exit interview. It is preferably on your last day, January 11, 2021. At this day, you will have to return your office keys, any office files you keep, employee badge, and other office items. Your exit interview will be about your employee benefits, your insurance coverage, and your retirement package.

It has been a delight to work with you these 7 years. I am sure you are a good candidate in marketing. Please feel free to contact me by phone at (999)-555-7777 or email if you need a personal reference for your new employer. I hope the best for your future.





Yaki Niku

Manager of Business Analysis Department


That is all the brief summary about writing an acceptance of resignation letter. We wish it will be meant to you.






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