Convenient Tips to Write An Apology Letter for Being Late

Small, medium or large companies don’t like employees who arrive late to the office. This is because the lateness of one employee can cause several other things to be neglected. If you are late for work seriously, you must apologize to your employer by writing an apology letter for being late, so your employer will see you as a responsible worker and are willing to admit mistakes. Write your apology letter in a neat and professional format.

What Are Tips to Write An Apology Letter?

Write an apology letter for being late must be done as soon as possible, don’t forget to pay attention to the tone of your letter to keep it positive and professional. But don’t write your letter too dramatic, keep the content in your letter simple and to the point.

Be Specific

Write an apology with a specific explanation of the cause of your lateness. You can mention when you are late in detail to make it look more convincing.

To be Responsible

Let it be known that your late work has caused inconvenience to the company, it can be for a meeting or an important business with a client. Therefore, you should admit your mistakes and be prepared to be responsible for the lateness you have done.

Apologize Sincerely

Don’t forget to be clear in apologizing, being sincere, and not being made up. Then promise that you will not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

How to Write An Apology Letter?

Your letter must be formal and addressed correctly. You must also include the reason for the lateness you have done, clearly state the problem behind your lateness, but keep the tone simple and short. Besides, express your availability to fix mistakes and promise not to repeat them in the future.

Apology Letter for Being Late Sample

Below is an example of an apology letter written by an employee who is 25 minutes late on the job. Here is the format:

Dear Mr. Joshua,

I’m writing to apologize for being late last Tuesday. It was a big mistake and not the professional thing I have done, it made me disappoint our precious client so he canceled his cooperation with our company. I realized that the mistakes I made were very serious and had an impact on the company and all my colleagues. I am sorry and apologetic for my mistake.

Punctuality is an important key to do work. I was so sorry I had to be late for 25 minutes so that when I arrived and made the presentation, the client could not follow my entire presentation and they canceled the cooperation.

I can assure you that the incident will never happen again. I’ve also written a letter of apology to our client to improve my mistake that day. I am very happy to work at this company and hope to continue to learn and develop with you and other colleagues.



Lisa Kathleen

That’s all our short description about an apology letter for being late that you can use as a sample. Hope you can get innovation to write your letter.


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