Book Outline Template

Book Outline Template Collection to Help You Write Faster and Easier

The book outline is the structure that is important to have before starting to write it. Without a good outline, the process of completing a book could take forever; the contents may go disorderly and missing several details. Worse consequence, it can lead to an unfinished book. A Book outline template is a pre-formatted document that can help you. You don’t have to input a full written description or explain things in detail there. You can just write any points as you’d like, then list the thoughts and ideas to get them to put in order.

Book Outline Template Purpose

To write any book, you have to use a formula. You will be able to complete the book faster and easier once you understand and apply the formula needed. It is a simple yet powerful one, taught and recommended from English teacher to a recognized author. The formula is to write an outline first

You can write a book in a shorter time if you start by creating a proper outline. Take a look at the book outline template here for example; each one contains a highly detailed part for each chapter to make the readers be able to think and feel the same way that the author does. You can consider the outline as the skeleton of the book – once the bones are all put into their places, you get a solid framework. When each bone is placed into the right location, then you will know if something is missing or if it’s completed.

Benefits of Using Book Outline Template

Read about the different advantage you’ll get by using an outline for your book in the following:

  1. To save your time

Time is one of the most precious assets you could probably have. You cannot buy time back with money so once it’s gone, you’ve lost it forever. You won’t need to waste time by wondering anymore when you have a timeline, so you can write faster.

  1. To save money

Launching a book is not solely about the author, but also the people behind such as the editors, publisher, and advertising agencies. They have a schedule and deadline each for their tasks. The faster you write, the more you could deliver the writings on time and prevent delaying on book production.

  1. To get focused

Having writer’s block is annoying – to stare at the blank screen for hours yet have nothing to write on it. Take a step back and evaluate your outline to get your creative juice flowing back.

Customizable Book Outline Template

As you write and finish the book, there is always time to adjust and make changes. Using the book outline template doesn’t mean that you are locked into a fixed outline where you cannot make the further modification. Quite the opposite, the outline will help you improve without having to stray too far from your initial idea.

Free Book Outline Template

Get a free book outline template by downloading it from this page. After you’ve completed the outline, you may print the sheet and use it as a checklist to see your progress after finishing each item.  

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