Career Counselor Job Description and Its Qualifications


A career counselor is a person who provides guidance to people who face uncertainty about a job-related decision. Usually, he/she helps students. However, he/she sometimes also serves established workers who seek to pivot into alternative professions. Here is the career counselor job description.

Career Counselor Job Description Template

We are hiring a career counselor now. In this role, he/she helps our clients by deciphering & choosing their desired career trajectories. He/she uncovers clients’ latent & prominent strengths, administers & scores aptitude measures, and confers with clients to deliberate obtained findings.

Preparing clients for entry into their desired disciplines also belong to the career counselor’s responsibility. To be a career counselor, you have to meet many requirements. We will discuss it all further in the following career counselor job description template.

Career Counselor Job Responsibilities

This job position is very important for our company. Playing an important role, you will have to do many tasks and duties every day. Below is a list that contains the detailed career counselor job responsibilities:

  • Inspects the career-related aspirations, uncertainties, and concerns of clients throughout the process of consultation
  • Reviews the personal & educational undertakings of clients & how their manifestation may inform the prospective job-related options
  • Guides clients through the completion of personality, aptitude, & adjacent tests
  • Scores the responses of clients to pertinent items and confers with them about the results
  • Proposes career-related choices that are congruent with your substantiated insights
  • Informs clients about potential weaknesses in the skill sets as well as devising strategies to remedy these
  • Walks clients through the process of compiling & restructuring their resume
  • Pinpoints and informs clients about possible helpful career-related chances

Career Counselor Job Requirements

It is not easy to be a career counselor. It requires some qualifications. The career counselor job requirements relate to the educational degree, knowledge, skill, and many more. The more detailed requirements are provided in the list below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, social development, industrial psychology, or similar
  • Graduate degree incounselling and appropriate license can be preferred
  • Demonstrable history of showing good clinical judgment
  • Knowledge of ever-changing trends across dominant industries
  • Familiar with obscure and accessible job chances
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Top-notch skills in investigative, assessment & communication
  • Ability to equip clients to enter their desired disciplines

Career Counselor Job Description FAQs

What does a career counselor do?

A career counselor provides guidance to people who face uncertainty about a job-related decision, serves established workers who seek to pivot into alternative professions, helps clients by deciphering & choosing their desired career trajectories, etc.

Can I edit the posted job description template here?

Yes, you can. This editable career counselor job description template can be customized easily to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a career counselor?

Besides providing the career counselor job description, this web also provides a collection of interview questions for career counselor candidates.


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