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Get to know about Cash Receipt

When consumers make payments, the seller will make a receipt as proof of sale. Receipts are important to facilitate the recording of financial statements, especially for sales journals. There are many ways to make a cash receipt template. The seller can make a receipt in writing or use the media as a tool to make receipts.

Information that must be included on the cash receipt.

In making a cash receipt template it is important to write data more fully to provide convenience in recording for financial statements. Also, clear records will make it easy to identify goods if there is a discrepancy with the type of goods. Some important things to write down when making cash receipts include:

Date of receipt of cash: Important proof date to be given as a record of the time when the purchase was made.

Company Name and Contact who can be contacted: The company name is important to be included to clarify that the goods have been received from the company and include contact details if the consumer needs to make a complaint such as giving a warranty.

Name and number of items purchased along with the total: Complete list of items purchased at the appropriate total price, be sure to double-check items to avoid mistakes.

Include the name of the maker of cash receipts: Enter the name of making cash receipts for proof of an error can be asked directly to the maker of cash receipts.

Other information such as tax and shipping: Enter the tax costs that are charged to the product and the shipping costs of the items if any.

Payment methods: Enter what methods are used in payments using a cash or credit payment.

How to Make a Cash Receipt Template

Cash receipt templates can be made using paper or using a counter. Making cash receipts is used as valid proof of the purchase of goods. There are 2 ways you can use to make a cash receipt template.

1. Using written evidence

To make cash receipts using written evidence using special selling books that are sold in stationery stores or can also be purchased online. Using written evidence is very easy because the cash receipt format has been made so that all you have to do is fill in written with related data.

In general, every cash receipt made in writing contains 2 papers consisting of original paper and coffee. To make a copy of the carbon paper is needed when writing.

2. Using electronic devices

A computer is a tool used to help in making cash receipt templates easily. Even now many special programs are used to create cash receipt templates. You can make template cash receipts using Microsoft Exel more easily.  

Currently, there is also much software that can help in making cash receipt templates that can even be downloaded for free. By using a program that is on the computer, you only need to enter several data assembled, then the program can automatically provide cash receipts.

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