Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter And Its Example

Finding a good nanny or a daycare service is not easy. Once you understand the difficulties, you might want to share your experience with others such as writing the child care provider recommendation letter. This letter is written on behalf of a daycare, nanny who ever worked in a client home. Typically this is written by the parents or former boss who are satisfied with someone’s service.

Can Parents Write This Letter?

When parents feel satisfied with a service, they will not hesitate to share happy moments with everyone. This includes writing the child care provider recommendation letter. They are eligible to write this as they know well about the person and how the individual treated their kids. This is a good thing for the nanny or child care provider as this becomes a beneficial reference.

How To Make A Good Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter

How does a good child care provider recommendation letter look like? The answer is you keep your letter honest and professional regardless of your likeness to the individual personally. A good letter must have personal qualities and a professional perspective.

It is needed to underline the important skills of the former caregiver which will be beneficial to develop her career in this industry. For example, you can mention that the former caregiver is mature, humorous, passionate, and careful. Such skills are needed to be a nanny because this is important for the growth of your kids in the future.

Additionally, note that a child care provider recommendation letter should show your relationship with the caregiver.

The Example of Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter

The following is an example of a child care provider recommendation letter that might give you a little idea.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson

I am writing this letter to inform you that I would like to recommend Ms. Elena Clooney. I believe she is an eligible candidate to work in your child care center. She has provided her best 5 years working as a private nanny in my house that my husband and I cannot be more grateful to find her as our helper.

As a wife, I should have got close with my twins which at that time they were just less than a year. I was very frustrated to find a good nanny as I don’t trust people easily. Luckily, I found her and we have some good clicks.

Her professionalism is awesome. She worked with passion and took care of my kids as if they are her babies. As my twins grew up, Ms. Elena helped teach them very good things from value until being independent. I didn’t have major complaints about her works because we used to keep our communication well.

My kids love her very much, that after her service contract has ended, they still want me to invite her to our house to have a little fun. Therefore, I think she is a good candidate for your service center with her humorous and mature personality, she helped me raise wonderful kids.

If you have anything to discuss with me,  I am available at any convenient schedule. Just reach me at (241)345-345 or by email at

Best luck to you and your business.




Elena Karim

Now, you know how to make a child care provider recommendation letter. It is a good thing to return all the good service from your former nanny.

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