Clinical Research Associate Job Description for Product Safety

Clinical Research Associate job description comes to outlines the complex duties and requirements. The profession that you can call as CRA focuses on some products like drugs, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and others. Usually, those products should pass clinical trials before entering the market. Roughly, what are the content of Clinical Research Associate job duties and qualifications?

Clinical Research Associate Job Description comes with 12 Regular Duties

The CRA or Clinical Research Associate works for managing studies and clinical trials. The trials are for procedures and products like drugs, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological. The purpose is to ensure the products and procedures that will release in the market are safe. By the way, the Clinical Research Associate job description eases the understanding in 12 duties:

  1. CRA must create and write trial protocols before presenting them to the steering committee.
  2. It works by identifying, evaluating, and then building trial sites. The CRA also must closet sites down after completing the trials.
  3. Giving training site staff on proper source documentation, completing case report form, protocol requirements, and therapeutic areas.
  4. Collaborate with the ethics committee for handling rights, trial subjects’ welfare, and safety.
  5. The CRA will order, track, and manage trial materials as well as IP.
  6. Oversee while documenting IP reconciliation, inventory, and dispensing.
  7. Protect the confidentiality of the subjects while updating their information. The CRA should verify IP that dispenses and administer appropriate to protocol.
  8. Undertake regular site visits, record visit reports, and coordinate project meetings.
  9. Implement action plans for not meeting expectations sites.
  10. Work along with regulatory authorities.
  11. Ensure compliance with the guidelines of GCP and ICH, local regulations, as well as SOPs.
  12. Help other tasks and liabilities if necessary.

10 Requirements for Clinical Research Associate Job Description

Find 10 standard requirements to work as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) in 2020. The Clinical Research Associate job description outlines them below properly:

  • A CRA (Clinical Research Associate) should come from a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science or the relevant field.
  • The Clinical Research Associate experience has reached at least 2 years.
  • Great Knowledge of terminology, pharmaceutical industry, and practices.
  • Fantastic Knowledge of FDA regulations as well as their practical implementation.
  • Mesmerizing skills in writing and verbal communication.
  • Expert ability in computer skills.
  • Fantastic ability to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.
  • Exceptional ability to prioritize as well as manage workload effectively.
  • Willing to use a short time traveling extensively. It implies the CRA must manage travel schedules smartly like flight schedules.
  • Proficient driving skills and has a valid driver’s license, up-to-date car insurance, as well as possess reliable transport.

Seemly you do not need to add anything on the Clinical Research Associate job description today. It comes extremely complete so that you can undertake many things only with this template. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Clinical Research Associate or CRA?

CRA or Clinical Research Associate is a staff that undertakes two main things pertaining to products and procedures. It makes sure that products and procedures that pass in the market safe for use or consume.

  • What are the Products and Procedures that CRA handles?

It handled drugs, biotechnologies procedure, and pharmaceutical procedures.

  • How does CRA make sure the safety of the Products and procedures?

It conducts clinical trials and studies the results to know the safety level of the procedures and products.



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