How To Write A Decline Interview Letter

When you are applying to a job and got accepted, the employer usually arranges the time for the next step which is an interview. From this stage, you can have two options, either you prepare for the interview or you turn down the offer. As harsh as it sounds, rejecting the interview happens to some cases with many possible reasons. If you are in the position where you are accepted to the interviewstage but you could not make it, make sure to do it in a proper and polite way. One of the ways is to sending the decline interview letter to the employer.

What is a Decline Interview Letter?

A decline interview letter is a formal letter sent by the employee to employer to show that s/he could not attend the interview session. Basically, it is a letter to turn down the job offer that the employer has for you.

Reasons Why You Decline an Interview

There are a number of reasons why someone declines the interview with a company. When this happens, it is important to let the company knows that you are discontinue the hiring process rather than keep doing the interview but you cannot make it at the end.

Offer from Another Organization

This typical reason comes in first as many people are using it as the reason to decline the interview. It is not a bad reason after all, if you get two offers for the interview from the two different companies and the opportunities are so different, you should be honest.

It is not a Good Fit to You

You may do some research to the company along with your applying the job and sometimes you find out later that the company does not suit you. It can be from the company mission, the culture or maybe the opportunity given for your long-term career path.

How to Decline the Interview

There are several things to keep in mind. First, you need to let the company knows that you rejecting the interview politely. It can be by calling it personally to the company or sending the decline interview letter. Make sure you thank the company for the opportunity given to you. It is a small thing but you will be appreciated.

Writing a Decline Interview Letter

If you decide to write the decline interview letter, you need to be consice and straight to the point. Send the letter to the person who sends you the interview letter and explain the reason you decline the interview in a polite and professional way.

Dear Ms. Adinda,

I thank you for considering me as the sales position in Dream Big Company. I have heard many positive things about the company and the achivements that made the company become of the most prominent company in the industy.

It is regretable that I have to decline your offer for the interview. Although I believe that Dream Big Company is a great company for me, later after submitting the resume I was contacted by my previous company to extend the working contract to join as the Sales Assistant Manager. After carefully comtemplating about it, I decided that I will stay in the previous company.

I believe you will find a talented employee to fill in the position. Again, I appreciate the opportunity given to me and I wish the best for the company.



Medina Hamzah

Here is the example of a decline interview letter that can be as the reference for you. Hopefully it helps and have a great career.

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