Dentist Job Description for best Mouth and Teeth Care

The dentist’s job description demonstrates how this doctor undertakes the duties. Ensuring the health of the patients’ mouth and teeth is its chief responsibilities. Well, upgrade your knowledge through this dentist job description sample. It is the simplest and easy way to gain your goal quickly.

Dentist Job Description in Detailed 10 Responsibilities

What a dentist do? As a mouth and teeth doctor specialist, it works from diagnosing the patients. Then, it continues by treating and or curing the pain. Cleaning teeth also includes the responsibility of the dentists. The dentist job description outlines the main responsibilities within 10 duties such as below:

  1. Meet with patients to discuss dental concerns and treat them. The treatments start from cleaning teeth regularly and undertaking other preventative procedures. Besides that, the dentist must establish a better dental hygiene plan.
  2. Undertake dental procedures like filling cavities, root canals, and extractions.
  3. Correct overcrowding and bite issues.
  4. Apply for helpful agents like sealants or whiteners to teeth.
  5. Prescribe medications for healing dental problems, such as antibiotics and pain medications.
  6. Before administering treatments, the dentist must give patients anesthesia or sedatives.
  7. Order diagnostic measures like x-rays, models, and others.
  8. Proficient to use equipment to examine as well as treat mouth and teeth. The tools are probes, drills, mirrors, or brushes.
  9. Saving record the patients’ oral health and treatment besides giving to them.
  10. Within providing care to the patient, the dentist must communicate with other staff members.

8 Dentist Job Description Requirements to hire New Dentist

All doctors have heavy duties that must undertake seriously includes the dentist. In the meantime, you have known the responsibilities that must bring. Even, performing surgeries and extractions still become two of the duties. So, how about the requirements? The dentist job description has provided 8 requirements to meet the dentist applicants. Look at below:

  • Graduate Dental Medicine or Doctorate of Dental Surgery.
  • Demonstrate malpractice insurance and state license.
  • Add licensing, experience, or certifications for a plus.
  • Strong experience and computer skills to operate healthcare databases and applications.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local dental and health care laws.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Besides that, the ability to save detailed records.
  • Good management skills.
  • It has comprehensive knowledge of tools, diagnostics, and dental procedures.

Well, that detailed information on the dentist’s job description. Find out the best or vital questions to give in the interview section. Thanks for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Dentist?

A dentist is a specialist doctor with special space and equipment. It works for making sure the health of patients’ mouth and teeth.

  • What do dentists perform?

Ensuring the health of teeth and mouth is the main responsibility. This mission can realize from diagnosing the mouth and teeth. Then, treat dental issues to assist with patients conducting better oral hygiene regiments. Teeth cleaning, correcting bite issues, and extractions include the dentist’s responsibilities that must complete.

  • How do you interview the Candidate?

Each healthcare facility that employs a dentist may give as many as questions. However, their questions must contain 5 essential things. Usually, it is about how to make the patient feel sure or trust the dentist’s recommendation. Ask about how to handle the most challenging procedure and how to help patients developing oral hygiene. Do not forget to ask about how to manage employees and how they handle their duties.



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