Flower Shop Rack Card Example PSD Design

The PSD Flower Shop Rack Card Templates

Rack cards can be found everywhere. The rack card aims to grab attention from your targeted customer and invite them to contact you. Well, flower shop rack cards can be used in attracting more customers, and as a form of promotion. To make it attractive, you need to find inspiration, so it will be adjustable to the concept of a flower shop.

Flower Shop Rack Card Characteristics

What usually always comes to your mind is the flower shop must be girly and calm. The reason why many women like to go there is that it provides what girls often like, which is flowers. The design concept of the flower shop rack card is adjusted with what the girls may look after. Flower shop rack card design needs to adapt this concept as well since it gives the implied message of how the shop looks like.

Design Steps of Flower Shop Rack Card

There are some ways you can do for designing this rack card. Here are the best tips to follow.

  1. Create a color scheme

The soft color scheme can be the best option to design this rack card. The owner often demands to adjust the card with the color of their shop building. What color you can use to make it classy, simple, yet girly is pink, green, purple, magenta, peach, or nude.

  1. Simple layout

Don’t put too complicated layout; just make it as simple as you can. Inserting a drawing line as the concept of layout, such as a horizontal or vertical line to be dividing line is a good idea.

  1. The description

The details to include in descriptions are the headline, the brand, contacts, a call-to-action for customers, and what else provided by flower shops.

  1. Picture

Giving additional pictures may help to make the card stand out. You can give some drawing pictures, or even a photograph you have taken in the flower shop. It will create a wonderful design.

Designing Flower Shop Rack Card Using PSD Templates

The PSD template is usually designed to provide the basic concept, and it can help the designers in combining their ideas. You can easily improve the template then give the additional touch, or use it as your inspiration to make flower shop rack cards. Since the concept of this card puts the focus on girly look yet simple and elegant, it is okay to use a ready-made template. You don’t need to create a complicated layout or drawing, but you have to set the fixed color to bring the exclusive touch.

Flower Shop Rack Card PSD Templates

As already told before, using a template may help a lot. In this case, you need to have an editable template. With this, you don’t have limitations to express what is on your mind. You can freely add some content or elements to create an artsy design. The flower shop rack card may use some icons, such as a logo that you need to put in the top of the card. Moreover, having an editable template will allow you to do it easily, without starting all-new from zero.  

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