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Hospital Rack Card for Proper Advertising Campaign

Marketing has several methods and media. One of them is a rack card that has been the best way for direct promotion. This kind of card is another version of the flyer. You can find it in the area with high traffic, such as restaurants, landmarks, convenience stores, rest areas, and hotels. People can grab and read it easily. Moreover, you often see this card in the rack that contains some reading materials. While waiting, you can get this one. That’s where you find the hospital rack card.

Hospital is a business that requires appropriate marketing. You can use a rack card to attract attention. Due to the space limitation, you should only put the most essential parts, such as attention image, list of offers, name, and contact info. This is for general marketing.

Hospital Rack Card Components

To know more about the hospital rack card, you should start by checking and exploring its components. They will be listed in the below section.

  1. Theme

Hospital marketing requires a specific theme or purpose. You can choose to promote general service and practice. In this case, the primary attention is how to make people know the hospital. On the other side, the theme should be specific for promoting special treatment or offer.

  1. Attention grabber

The question you should ask is why people grab and take the rack card. The attention grabber is something that makes people want to see the card closely. It can be in the form of image, pattern, or fancy word.

  1. Photo or illustration

Photo or illustration is useful as an attention grabber. You need another one for the content. The photo should be the real one that shows the building, lounge, clinic, and hospital staff. Moreover, illustration is something that explains the main contents. For example, the theme is related to a certain treatment, and the illustration provides a clear graphic or diagram.

  1. Proper background and layout

The good thing about rack cards is no fixed design even for the hospital. You can create this kind of document with various styles and proper background. As long as the entire campaign is appropriate, there is no issue regarding the legal standing.

Hospital Rack Card Creative Design

Well, the design is the key factor of the hospital rack card. You do not want this card to be just a regular flyer, right? On the other hand, people often use it as a reference before visiting the hospital directly. That’s why the design should be creative and professional. You have to balance the image and text with neutral colors.

Hospital Rack Card Template and Sample

Making this card from scratch is not an easy task. The marketing team and designers must put much effort to ensure there is no issue when the rack card is already in public spaces. For a solution, you can try to use the PSD ready-made samples and templates. Having a sample will shorten your time and optimize the effort. The hospital may have several rack cards for various purposes with just a few templates,

Hospital Rack Card PSD Template

You can get a hospital rack card with a PSD extension. The file contains several layers and items. For the editing process, you should have Photoshop or any compatibility software. You only need to replace the sample image with your own. After that, just edit text and adjust the layout including the background. That’s what you should do when creating the rack card for the hospital with PSD templates. 

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