HR Generalist Job Description for the Latest Information

Always use an HR Generalist job description when you want to hire this staff. Here, the template presents detailed roles, responsibilities, and requirements. Even, this HR Generalist job description sample can emphasize them flawlessly. Let’s see it and study it!

12 Responsibilities according to HR Generalist Job Description

How do you define the HR (Human Resources) Generalist? The job description template here defines it as a professional who supervises the activities and responsibilities of an organization. Within the oversight liabilities, it is in charge of some duties. It includes employee relations, training and development, recruitment processes, and regulatory compliance.

Well, those are the general description and it looks a little bit difficult to understand. Therefore, the HR Generalist job description outlines it within 12 duties. Look at below:

  1. It is in charge to assist with all HR matters both external and internal.
  2. Engage to develop organizational procedures and guidelines.
  3. Motivate employees by recommending good strategies.
  4. Identify candidates by assisting with the recruitment process.
  5. Undertake  reference checks as well as issuing employment contracts
  6. Conducting complaints Investigation that the employees report.
  7. Coordinate performance management and employee development plans.
  8. The HR Generalist must update records and perform orientations of new staff.
  9. Prepare reports and manage the employee database in the organization.
  10. Produce reports on general HR activity and then submit it.
  11. Assist with payroll and monitoring budget.
  12. Stay abreast of the latest HR best practice and trends.

12 Requirements on HR Generalist Job Description

It turns out the number of duties and requirements of an HR Generalist are similar. The candidates must meet 12 requirements to apply for the job and accepting as the new member. By the way, the HR Generalist job description writes it such as below:

  • It is a vital requirement where the staff must graduate from a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or equivalent.
  • Secondly, it is still essential to pay attention to it. The staff must have working experience as an HR Coordinator with a minimum of 2 years.
  • The knowledge and comprehension of employment equity regulations and Labor Law are deep.
  • Excellent record-keeping skills.
  • Good skills in HR administration as well as people management.
  • Terrific knowledge of HR best practices and functions.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • The HR Generalist must work comfortably and meets tight deadlines although under pressure.
  • Fantastic computer literacy to operate HR software, MS Office, and email.
  • Marvelous management skills of conflict and organization.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Fantastic skills of decision-making for problem-solving.

Well, that is detailed information on the HR Generalist job description. This free information is truly worth so pay attention to the detail properly. Utilize it to support your policies and necessary within recruiting new staff. Good luck!


  • What is an HR Generalist?

An HR Generalist or Human Resources Generalist works professionally to oversee its liabilities and activities within the organization.

  • How does HR Generalist perform?

The main responsibilities of an HR Generalist manage recruitment processes and connect to the employees. Then, it gives training, development, and compliance with the regulation.

  • How do you post Job Advertising?

Within the post, a job vacancy of HR Generalist does not forget to emphasize the role of your company. Then, go on describing the duties briefly and detailed requirements to meet.


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