ICU Nurse Job Description for working with Empathy

Big hospitals always have ICU rooms so they also must provide specific nurses. ICU nurse job description discusses the specific duties that are different from the general nurses. This part has heavier responsibilities because the patients are usually in critical or severe conditions. Does your hospital have followed the right or standard ICU nursing job duties, check again!

ICU Nurse Job Description Duties as 9 Responsibilities

The ordinary people may rarely know that the Intensive Care Unit is the abbreviation of ICU. So, they do not know that the ICU nurse job description is also different from the common nurses.  What does it perform? The ICU nurse is special for giving care to the patients in the part of the intensive care unit. It works for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

In general, their tasks are administering treatment, giving constant support during the recovery period, and evaluating the condition of the patients. Here, those duties break into 9 responsibilities such as below:

  1. Administering treatment while monitoring doses.
  2. Make effective care plans to implement.
  3. Providing care to the patients’ need during they treat in the ICU unit.
  4. Identify subtle or sudden changes in the medical condition of the patients.
  5. Respond to a medical emergency to get the appropriate doctors if necessary.
  6. Keep evaluating and monitoring the progress of the patients.
  7. Present regular updates to physicians, patients, and their family members.
  8. Finish all paperwork before transferring a patient to another unit.
  9. Maintain patient records.

ICU Nurse Job Description and 6 Requirements

The ICU nurse job description delivers a few requirements to fulfill by applicants. Generally, each hospital just asks for 6 qualifications for the candidate in the job advertisement. Nonetheless, some healthcare fields may add or substitute it according to their need. The standard rule just gives 6 requirements for the ICU nurse candidates such as below:

  • It has graduated from the study in Nursing with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • However, it should have experience working as a critical care unit or ICU nurse at least for 5 years.
  • The experience will strengthen their comprehension of health technology and health information structures.
  • Available to work in the night shift or working 12 hours per day. On the other hand, it should always be willing to receive a sudden call every time.
  • It needs excellent communication skills and the ability to demonstrate their sincere empathy.
  • Willingness to work in an emotional and stressful environment.

Use the free-editing online template to make your ICU Nurse job description in a different style. The need for ICU nurses between your healthcare facility and others may be different. Therefore, customize this job desk. Good luck!


  • What is an ICU Nurse?

It is a privileged nurse that only work in the intensive care units. But, the knowledge and ability are more than the common nurse types.

  • What does ICU Nurse Liabilities?

The ICU Nurse liabilities cover 9 liabilities for evaluating, administering, and supporting patients. It does during the recovery time for the patients and the family members.

  • What do Healthcare Facilities emphasize obtaining a professional ICU Nurse?

Emphasize their skills and knowledge to treat patients with stable emotions. Get the real quality of your candidate through an interview section.

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