Janitor Job Description Detailed Infomation

A janitor is there to keep company, school, hospital, library, etc. clean, tidy, and neat. The janitors work in the early morning before all people begin their daily life or in the late night where all have gone to sleep. The janitor job description will also include maintaining the building to look perfect. A janitor must know the janitor job description template as well as the building repairs so that he or she will have an idea of what his duties are.

Janitor Job Description Information

We are looking for a dedicated janitor that is responsible to do his or her janitor job description tasks and duties in our office. The candidate must want to work to clean a number of the building. Of course, he or she must have a basic knowledge of cleaning and tidying up the room.

Janitor Responsibilities

Being a janitor, you must do all the responsibilities and works related to your janitor job description, such as:

  • Do the general cleaning to the room and keep it maintained well
  • Work with a contract cleaning service team (if necessary)
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop the floor
  • Ensure the stock of cleaning supplies
  • Lock the doors after you are done with your works
  • Complete tasks properly on time
  • Maintain the building
  • Collect and get rid of the trash
  • Clean up spills with appropriate tools or equipment
  • Report supervisors or managers about any major repair
  • Do minor repairs

Janitor Job Qualifications

If you would like to apply as a janitor in our company, you must meet our janitor job description qualifications as well. They are:

  • No specific education required (high school diploma is more likely)
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Responsible and finish cleaning even when the supervisor is absent
  • Strong enough and at least may lift to 25 pounds
  • Handle basic maintenance, minor building repairs, and cleaning
  • Used to do janitory works
  • Have basic math skills
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Great understanding a variety of cleaning supplies
  • Be able to use and work with basic cleaning tools

Janitor FAQ

What is a Janitor?

A janitor must be the one who takes the responsibility to keep the public facilities maintained and clean. Janitor duties and tasks include doing general cleaning and minor repairs, restocking supplies, and many others. You may add other specific tasks if necessary.

What Should You Include in A Janitor Job Vacancy?

If you are going to post a janitor job vacancy, you should include all the required janitor requirements and qualifications. Make sure the applicants know what their duties are. It is also important to mention time management because a janitor might work in several different places and buildings to do the cleaning.

Do You Need to Interview Applicants for A Janitor?

It is important to interview all job applicants no matter what. This is not only for a formal reason but also for informing them more details about the janitor itself. You may also ask some questions like whether or not the applicants want to work under a contract. Having an interview session must be useful to know the capability of each applicant.

That’s all about a janitor job; hopefully, it will be useful information for those who need it to create a good, informative vacancy post.

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