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6 Important Things That Must Be Included in the Lesson Plan

To be able to express subjects properly, teachers can use lesson plans to be able to make the subjects delivered can be well received. Delivering lessons directly will work well using the lesson plan. Teachers should prepare lesson plans by including important elements using common core lesson plan templates. To deliver lessons more effectively, here are some elements that need to be included in the lesson plan.

  1. Appropriate material

Determination of material that is appropriate for the class level of students is an important thing to do. Adjust the subject matter by considering whether the material will suit students and whether students will find it easy to understand the material. Prepare what material should be learned by compiling it into lesson plans. Explain what will be learned to students and convey what students must do during the lesson.

  1. Purpose of Material

Arrange the objectives to be achieved in the lesson to be conveyed. Determining learning objectives can make lessons delivered more clearly. Discuss with students what the objectives of the discussion are learning objectives. Arrange learning objectives effectively to facilitate the learning process. If students know the learning objectives to be achieved can facilitate teachers to direct students to realize learning goals together.

  1. Equipment used

In compiling a common core template lesson plan, write down the equipment used during the teaching process. Having a complete teaching tool can make the learning process run effectively. Mention the learning tools used from stationery such as paper, pencil or ballpoint and the use of technology equipment such as computers. The use of this tool will help teachers deliver more practical material. Use important teaching equipment and relate to the material to be conveyed.

  1. Ways to Teach

How to teach is the main thing in preparing lesson plans. Good and right teaching methods are certain things teachers must-have, but effective and fun ways of teaching students are challenging for teachers to do. Arrange some learning methods that are fun and make students able to learn more relaxed. Convey the subject with words that are easy to understand. Explain subjects supported by the use of technology such as computers and document cameras to make students more interested and able to focus on delivering the material. The teacher can convey keywords to students to understand the subject and can practice subjects together.

  1. Student Practice

Providing opportunities for students to practice the lessons that have been given can make students more understanding. Delivering the lesson orally and allowing students to practice it will make students remember the subject more. Allow students to express themselves according to their wishes. Practice can be done by students both individually and in groups. Guide students when practicing the lesson and assist if students encounter difficulties. In addition to making students more understanding related to the subject matter, a practice can make students able to become confident.

  1. Closure

Convey a summary of the lessons that have been submitted. Submitting a material summary can make students know and truly understand the material. Mention about what has been learned in the common core lesson plan template. 

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