Online ESL Teacher Job Description; Conducting Virtual English Teaching-Learning Activities

An online ESL teacher is a professional, well-trained person who teaches students or individuals English as their second language. The online ESL teacher job description will also include conducting and teaching online classroom settings, providing the students’ progress reports, preparing for materials, etc. An online ESL teacher must be the same as the other teachers; they use a task-reminder. As for the online ESL teacher, she or he uses the online ESL teacher job description template.

Online ESL Teacher Job Description Information

We are looking for an experienced online ESL teacher that is capable to do all online ESL teacher job description standards. The candidate must have known how to create lesson plans, conduct fun, enjoyable teaching activities, and deal with different student characteristics. Plus, it is a must for an online ESL teacher to be able to encourage student interactions.

Online ESL Teacher Responsibilities

Working as an online ESL teacher, you will do all the responsibilities related to your online ESL teacher job description, such as:

  • Prepare for suitable lesson plans based on the students’ learning needs
  • Assist students with a few technical difficulties or problems in speaking, reading, or writing English
  • Design and present educational ESL material
  • Become knowledgeable and respectful of students’ cultural differences
  • Create and instruct lessons based on the students’ studying style and speed
  • Prepare and send the students’ progress reports online (by e-mail)
  • Evaluate the students’ learning progress

Online ESL Teacher Job Qualifications

If you would like to apply as an online ESL teacher, you must meet and require the online ESL teacher job description qualifications. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or related fields
  • Experience teaching-learning activities (preferable)
  • Possess TESOL, TEFL, or TOEFL certifications (necessary)
  • Professional appearance
  • Have great communication skills (both verbal and written one)
  • Own a laptop or a computer with an HD webcam
  • Own analog or USB headset
  • Proficient computer and Microsoft office
  • Excellent teaching skills


Online ESL Teacher FAQ

What is an Online ESL Teacher?

An online ESL teacher must be the one who is responsible to teach English for people whose native is not English. He or she will conduct an online teaching-learning activity. Therefore, most of the online ESL teachers must possess or own a computer or a laptop with an HD webcam. Same as the other teachers, online ESL teachers also create a lesson plan based on the students’ learning needs.


What Should You Include in An Online ESL Teacher Job Vacancy?

If you are going to post an online ESL teacher job vacancy, you should include all the required skills and qualifications. Make sure the applicants have teaching experiences before. Plus, it is a must for her to respect any cultural differences. After all, the students must be from varied countries.


Do You Need to Interview Applicants for An Online ESL Teacher?

An online ESL teacher must not only teach but also monitor and record the students’ learning progress. Since her or his work is to teach English, it is a must for you to look for the one who could speak, read, and write English sentences well. You could test them by giving some questions or interview them in English to know how well they speak English.


That’s all about the online ESL teacher job; hopefully, it will be useful information for you who need it.





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