Physician Retirement Letter And The Sample

After a long hectic and successful career, there comes the time of retirement for the physician. Before the retirement, physician has a list of things to do to such as checking and making arrangements for all the patients’ records and submitting the physician retirement letter, just like any other jobs. The physician retirement letter can be sent to anyone it may concern, either the employer, the colleagues or the patients. Here, we are going to focus on the retirement letter to patients.

When does Physician Retire?

Before going further, let’s take a look on the right time for a physician to retire. Aside from the research that have been conducted to see when was the average age for a physician to retire, the decision solely depends on each person. Some physicians retire earlier around early 60 years old while some others retire after 65 years old, even at age 70 years. Many factors affect the decision of a physician to retire such as the health and the financial. It varies from one physician to another.

The Prescriptions from the Retired Physician

There is a term of active-retired licensees for the physician. It means that the physician can still write a prescription even after they are retired but it is limited to the prescription for themselves and the family members. Providing prescriptions for the former patients is not allowed even though they have the active-retired license.

What is Written in Physician Retirement Letter for Patients

Usually, the letter will provide the information of the retirement date in the beginning, which is followed by the successor of the physician for the patients. The gratitude and the the information about the medical records are explained next. The letter ends with the contact number of the representative of the company or hospital if there would be any possible questions about the medical records.

Sample of Physician Retirement Letter

If a physician is retiring, they will tell the patients about the retirement and make sure the patients know all the information needed. Usually, the physician will provide the formal letter that is called as a physician retirement letter for the patients. Here is one sample of the retirement letter sent to the patient.

Dear Patients,

It is unfortunate that I am writing here to inform you about my retirement as a physician. It has been a wonderful journey to meet with each of you as my patients and I value every one of you. My last effective day in Pharmacy Clinic will be on October 31st , 2020. However, I will leave your in good hands of several physicians in this clinic. I suggest that you select one of the physician as soon as possible.

The information about your medical record will remain safe in the clinic medical records so you do not need to worry. Please contact the staff at 333-444-555-678 for further information about the physicians and discuss about the possibility to chance the physician as soon as possible. I would gladly help if you need any assistance.

I thank all of you for the cooperation we have all this time and the opportunity to be as your physician. I wish you the best and stay healthy.




Dr. Morris Johnson.

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