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Brand Board Template and Its Guidelines

A brand board means an at-a-glance document that contains the elements of your brand from the main logo to the color palette. If you are a designed, you can begin creating a brand board. However, you do not know where to start. The following brand board template will be useful & beneficial for you.

What Goes on a Brand Board?

A brand board should contain a few elements. It usually starts with logo and variations. It is uncommon to get away with one version of your logo only. The second element of a brand board is the color palette. Then, you will also need to consider typography.

In addition, patterns also belong to the main elements of a brand board. For the next elements, there are icons and brand. Furthermore, a brand board should also contain brand anchors. Another element to be included in a brand board is image inspiration.

What Are Branding Templates?

While the brand of a company defines its image, the branding template is the representation of graphic of that image. It may include a logo, slogan, acronym, or official name. The design or arrangement of the brand elements belong to part of the template.

Why Should You Make a Brand Board?

A brand board shows the clients every element of the visual brand in a neat document. It is very important as it helps convey the values, personality, and attributes of a brand in one glance. After designing blog prints, graphics, etc. for your business/clients, you must look at a brand board.

How to Make a Brand Board

To create a brand board, you have to include the main logo first. After that, add the variation of your logo if any. Then, what you will need to add is the sub mark. Usually, it is smaller compared to the main logo. It is also usually used as a profile picture.

Tips for Creating a Brand Board

You can actually create a brand board on your own. However, it may be confusing and even frustrating because it takes a lot of time and effort. Alternatively, you can hire a professional designer. However, it will spend a lot of money.

So, we recommend you to use our template. In this article, there are a collection of templates for a brand board that work. They come in different eye-catching designs. Besides that, all of them are also downloadable, customizable, and reusable.

For an efficient way, you just need to look for and pick your preferred template. After you download it, you can directly edit it using Adobe Photoshop or other computer tools. You can change the colors, texts, and any other element to fit your needs.

A brand board template is also very important for a designer. If you are a designer, have you ever thought what would like to do if your client comes back for work but you are available? In this case, you have to refer them to another designer. Here, a brand board will help you a lot.

Printable Brand Board Template Sample

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