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CD Label Template and tips to make it easy in Word

When you want to arrange a label for your CD, you can use Microsoft Word that will help you to design your CD Label Template. This idea will be handy if you burn your own music, data, or photo CDs to share with friends or coworkers. Therefore, you have to pay attention when you want to design the label template for your CD.

What is a CD Label Template?

The CD Label Template idea is a label that will provide information about your CD content easily. Since this label is essential you have to pay attention to the detailed information to make your template impressive. Besides, this label also will help you to find your files when you need them as well.

How to make a CD Label Template design in Word

If you cannot operate Photoshop to create the label, you should not worry because you can use Word to arrange this CD Label Template design. The way to arrange this design is also not difficult so that you need to pay attention to the detailed idea of the label to give information to the people properly.

In this idea, you also can print the CD label format using Microsoft Word and a downloadable CD label that is compatible. You also can follow some steps below to make your template impressive.

  • You can begin your label template by downloading a template from the Microsoft Office website and follow the first resource link on it
  • After that, you can open the template in Word and customize it with your own text or art. You can type directly onto the label or create a text box to insert your text
  • Next, you only need to print the template, and Microsoft Office online will recommend you to use Avery label paper with adhesive backing to print your labels

Tips to make a CD Label Template

Furthermore, you also need to know the tips that will make your CD Label Template design idea great because you know some of the keys to design the template. There are some tips that should you know so that you need to pay attention to the following tips that will make your label template impressive.

  • If you want to get the greatest degree of control over your label template, you need to use Word’s table tool to create a label manually
  • You also can use the main drawback of using Word’s create label tool that will do your work automatically for you
  • When you create this label manually, you need to create the gaps of as little as 0.4 mm so that the label can be read for people easily
  • Centralize the content of your template and select the whole tables as described above and select one of the nine icons on your template

Because of that, you should not worry to design a CD Label Template. You can operate Microsoft Word to help you designing this template. When you have finished, you also can print the label suitable to your need without any difficulties.

Printable CD Label Template Sample

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