Project Manager Job Description for detailed Duties and Qualifies

A Project Manager job description comes to assisting your plan to find the best employee. This worker of the manager of the project will have a big responsibility that breaks into some duties. Let’s download this Project Manager job description template to understand the requirements. Your plan is perfect after finishing this small duty.

Project Manager Job Description for 12 Responsibilities

A Project Manager has a lot of responsibilities and this page records 12 points for this profession. By the way, you should follow this Project Manager job description to organize and give to your new manager. Well, these are 12 responsibilities for conducting:

  1. ERP project oversight.
  2. The Project Manager must ensure all parties run based on the schedules, requirements, and deadlines. It will undertake it along with the team members of cross-discipline.
  3. Meet with the team members of the project for identifying and resolving problems.
  4. Submit project results while ensuring the members adhere to quality standards.
  5. Gathering information, analyzing it, and summarizing the relevant things for preparing status reports.
  6. Establish effective communication plans for the project and make sure of their execution.
  7. Facilitate the request changes to ensure all parties know the impacts on budget and schedule.
  8. Undertake coordination to develop the training materials, user manuals, and other documents as necessary. The purposes are the turnover of the system or process to the clients and to enable successful implementation.
  9. Identify and develop new chances with clients.
  10. Getting the acceptance of the customer from the project deliverables.
  11. Manage the satisfaction of the customer during the project transition period.
  12. Undertake an evaluation of the post-project along with identifying unsuccessful and successful project elements.

Project Manager Job Description claims 10 Requirement for meeting

According to this Project Manager job description, you should ask for 10 requirements for the candidate. It includes:

  • Graduate from a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Hold PMP (Project Management Professional) certification for a plus.
  • Experience in project management.
  • Proficient to lead various sizes of project teams and see them through to completion.
  • Understanding of ERP implementation.
  • Able to complete projects on time.
  • Solid comprehension of project management methodologies.
  • Experience as an ERP project manager, IT project manager, or a construction project manager.
  • Experience supervising a construction project.
  • Budget management experience.

Okay, those are some detailed information on the Project Manager job description 2020. It is the newest information effective to use both for explaining and recruiting. You can see how to complete the responsibilities and qualifications. It should be enough for you and use it directly. However, there is no prohibition to edit for adding your ideas. Good luck!


  • What is a Project Manager?

A Project Manager works in any business project for supervising three things. Firstly, it oversees the business project or various initiatives. Secondly, it monitors its completion and progress. The third make sure they have met the client’s expectation. The Project Manager must possess some knowledge degrees about the various project aspects.

  • What is the Best Tool to arrange this Job Desk?

Use the best templates with the best features that allow editing the content freely. It is not the moment for working from the initial anymore.

  • What is the usage of the Template?

The template assists to screen the new Project Manager and gives the comprehension about the daily duties.


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