A Good Resignation Letter With Regret Along With Its Example

To get things clear, you may send a letter to the supervisor or company’s human resource department to explain your situation. This action may be the best way for you to get rid of any other prejudice by the others in the company. Otherwise, this will make your resignation letter with regret will look more decent. We have provided the information related to this letter below.

What Events That Appropriate For Addressing This Resignation Letter With Regret?

There are some reasons that usually used by most people, those are:


According to this, the company may give you some advice during the decision, either you will be moved to another branch (if it’s possible) or the company will try to persuade you to think deeper about this matter.

Health Issue

This matter will be absolute when you had a serious illness, where the company will consider to defend your position. The company cannot let the employee doing a job while suffering from an illness.

Personal Reason

The decision made by people who use this reason usually cannot let the company know the real matter behind it. There is something more personal that cannot be known by somebody. Nonetheless, the company should respect the employee’s decision.

The Important Parts Of A Resignation Letter With Regret

The components found in formal business letters are:

  • The sender’s full address.
  • The last date/time you effective on the job.
  • Address of the individual who receives this letter.
  • Your statement about the resignation.
  • Greeting
  • Body
  • Closing
  • Signature

An Example Of A Resignation Letter With Regret

This resignation letter is from an individual who has through many experiences with the company. Although she was a long-time period employee, she decides to address her resignation letter due to an upcoming family move. In this letter, she expresses her gratitude toward the company where she has been worked for many years formally and provides her contact information detail in a proper place.

Dear Mr. Heathe,

I would like to regretfully inform you of my resignation from my position as a senior accountant at RC Company. With my family’s move to Los Angeles set to happen this winter, I will no longer available for this company. My last date in the office will be on October 2, 2011. I truly regret that I must resign from the company, where I have enjoyed the positive environment and learned so much in the company.

I will strive to finish all my projects before my last day in the company, and will also individually notify the others about my resignation. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions or details regarding this matter. I provide my contact information below and I am looking forward to your response. (123)-123-1234 or at sarahwill@gmail.com.

I truly regret and apologize for any inconvenience that may happen caused by my resignation. I will put my best effort to make the transition look proper without any hindrance. Thank you for your understanding about this and I wish the company and all members every success with the hope that our path will cross again in the future.


Will Sarah
Senior Accountant
RC Company


Hope this article may help you in understanding this letter. You can freely customize the editable example above based on your needs.


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