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Sample Dissertation Outline with Various Templates

You may write a dissertation as a requirement in the graduate or post-graduate program. Moreover, the research grants also put this one as proof that research is done. Writing this kind of document is different from the essay or just a simple thesis. You must have a proper sample dissertation outline to ensure all items and contents are explained effectively in the right order.

A sample is just a tool that contains the outline you can follow for writing a dissertation. It is a formal document, which means you must write with a systematic and logical order. There is coherency from the first chapter until the conclusion. Moreover, you can prepare the abstract in the beginning as the preview or short version of the entire content.

Sample Dissertation Outline Basic Ideas

All writings regardless of the theme, genre and purpose utilize an outline. You can write a short story, and this writing is fiction. The outline is necessary to ensure the content and section is relevant. On the other side, the dissertation is serious writing, not just a regular book. It explains everything you have done in the research. In general, you can start writing this one since the proposal. Half of the sample dissertation outline is done before the research is started. After collecting data and making an analysis, you should complete the rest of the content.

From this point, you understand why the outline becomes an important thing. You can prepare everything since the beginning, and the outline estimates what the outcome should look like. The short version of the dissertation is a scientific article you find in the research publication. It is a simplified version that researchers use to share the result or outcome.

Sample Dissertation Outline Components

The following list will explain the components you find on the sample dissertation outline. Most of the outlines will have them. Of course, you should check the formal guideline in your college or institution before writing a complete report.

  1. The setting for dissertation writing

The first part is a set that includes the font style, font size, paper, margin, and others. This part is a strict guideline that all students and researchers must follow. The setting is mandatory to ensure everyone produces the same style.

  1. Dissertation items

The dissertation contains several items, such as introduction, conceptual framework, literature review, data analysis, interpretation, and conclusion. The key chapters are relatively similar between one and others. The only difference is the word they use. Sometimes, you see the items like the method and methodology.

  1. Design and layout

The last part is the layout and design. This section is the additional setting that focuses on how you explain the content, including the title, heading, and numbering configuration.

Sample Dissertation Outline and Templates

As you know, the variation is mostly related to where you come from and the purpose of research. Two dissertations can be from the same research, but writers publish in the different publishing. In that case, they must follow the standard outline. You can see more templates and samples for the dissertation in the following list.

  • General dissertation outline
  • Dissertation proposal outline
  • Dissertation proposal Word platform

Sample Dissertation Outline Template Benefits

Having the sample dissertation outline has some benefits as it comes with various platforms, editable, and free. Free means you get the sample without spending any money. This is a good thing since all layouts are quite similar. You can modify and customize the template to adjust your preference.   

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