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Sample Novel Outline to Produce the Great Storyline

A novel writer is the one who writes a long essay of prose that contains a series of one’s life with others surrounding and shows characteristics of each player. It is usually called as a novelist. Starting to write a novel is sometimes considered uneasy. To make it get excellent, you need the sample novel outline as your first plan to organize the storyline. You need to notice the following things.

Sample Novel Outline Main Purposes

To have an excellent novel, you have to plan it comprehensively before the publication. The novel should be interesting and enjoyable to read. The flat plot will make your readers bored to read it. The story needs to be arranged in the form of an outline. Here are the purposes of the outline:

  • It helps to organize your storyline.
  • It eases your writing discussion.
  • It avoids the story content out of your initial goals.
  • It helps to avoid writing a topic more than once.
  • It helps to give clear plot writing.

Sample Novel Outline Hints

To produce a great storyline and later an excellent novel, several things must be noticed in the sample novel outline.

  1. Creating an interesting title

A good and interesting title will catch your readers’ attention for the first time. Some novelists decide the title in the last, while others are in the beginning.

  1. Choosing the viewpoint of your writing

You not only choose the first viewpoint, but also the third. The first is you are as a protagonist, and third is to describe others. The second is seldom used in a novel or a fiction book.

  1. Determining the clear story setting

You should determine the story setting or scene which includes the place, time, and situation. The place can be a location, while the time can be the day, date, morning, afternoon, evening, night, month, and year. The situation includes the environment or related to the weather.

  1. Developing the characters

You should describe their performance, attitude, and thoughts to visualize the characters.

  1. Making some meaningful dialogues

You need to make the dialogues that cover the goals and direction of the main problems.

  1. Directing the climax to the novel

The readers like reading the climax very much. So, you have to make it so dramatically.

  1. Creating an interesting ending

You should be able to make an interesting and impressive ending. It is a problem solving the story you make.

Sample Novel Outline Format

The sample novel outline eases you to get the consistency to create a great storyline. The format varies, such as the list, worksheet, graphic, or tabular one. You can select one or more formats to outline the story depending on your style.

Sample Novel Outline Essence

From the sample novel outline, a novelist will get easiness in planning the story or novel. It is developed for you, either as a beginner or professional novelist. Writing a novel needs a special skill. The essence of the outline is as a device to arrange the storyline to reach the great novel.

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