Sanitation Worker Job Description to save the Earth

Sanitation Worker job description tells the world how valuable this profession. Indirectly, it saves the earth and environment from rubbish that often throw carelessly. Without this worker, you will not get the kindness of this planet. Therefore, compile your template with this Sanitation Worker job description resume properly.

Sanitation Worker Job Description and 9 Detailed Responsibilities

The chief duty of the Sanitation Worker is to give a valuable service to the communities. In general, it collects garbage and then transports it to landfills or dumps as the proper waste disposal areas. This Sanitation Worker job description template appears 9 responsibilities in detail. Look at below:

  1. The Sanitation Worker should visit numerous locations like commercial and residential. It does on a daily basis for gathering both solid and liquid waste. The Worker can collect the garbage by an automated garbage-disposal truck or manually.
  2. The next duties are using an environmentally friendly, safe, and effective manner within transporting and disposing of garbage.  Anyway, these rules must apply for at a city or dumpsite that approve by the state.
  3. It should make sure to separate the waste based on the characters. Sanitation Workers must know which recycle or other types of garbage. The recyclables like plastic, paper, and glass can recycle effectively.
  4. If necessary, it is in charge of lift trash cans and dumpsters. The Sanitation Worker has to undertake by operating the automated garbage-disposal truck.
  5. Ensure effective disposal by collecting large electronic devices or pieces of furniture both from the roadside or appointment.
  6. It also makes sure the environment clean and safe by clearing roadways from debris.
  7. Performing routine maintenance to the garbage-disposal truck. It includes checking tire pressure, inspecting mechanical parts, and opping off fluids. The inspecting mechanical parts are useful to identify unusual wear and tear.
  8. Burn or crush garbage in an environment that is still under control but if necessary.
  9. Make a weekly schedule to collect garbage for commercial locations and residential.

9 Requirements on Sanitation Worker Job Description 2020

In this section, the Sanitation Worker job description presents 9 requirements to save and use. Look at below:

  • Sanitation Worker’s educational background is High school diploma.
  • Due to it should operate a garbage-disposal truck it must possess a valid commercial driver’s license.
  • The Sanitation Worker as well as understand the knowledge of lifting techniques properly. It is extremely essential to understand because they will often handle heavy objects.
  • The Sanitation Worker must possess working experience with hazardous materials. Besides that, it also should master the knowledge of proper methods to waste disposal.
  • It turns out the worker must understand the working knowledge of online mapping sites and GPS.
  • Demonstrate great strength and physical fitness.
  • Willingness to work as a team player.
  • It has a good sense of direction and punctual.
  • The Sanitation Worker must survive in heavy working conditions.

Okay, that is detailed information on the Sanitation Worker job description. It turns out this profession is noble and can save the world from the garbage. Remember! Garbage can emerge in various kinds of diseases, pollutions, and other damage. Good luck!


  • What is a Sanitation Worker?

It is a worker with numerous valuable duties to make the environment and community clean and healthy. Their action can save the earth.

  • How does the Sanitation Worker perform?

Generally, it handles the main duty of collecting garbage and then brings or transport to the waste disposal area.

  • What is a Sanitation Worker diploma?

A high school diploma is enough to undertake this valuable responsibility.



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