Sous Chef Job Description for Best Kitchen Operations

A sous chef job description explains how this head chef assistant or the head chef second works. The workplace is in the kitchen of restaurants, hotels, villas/ resorts, and cruise ships. The sous chef restaurant job description is similar to others and you can see it in detail below. Utilize it for generating the best staff, service, and serving.

10 Responsibilities that you can find on the latest Sous Chef Job Description

The sous chef plans food, prepares, and managing it during working in the kitchens.  The sous chef/ head chef’s second/ head chef must be proficient in various individual skills. For instance, perform for training new staff, recording inventory and planning menus.

Well, those are the general explanation from the main responsibilities. Here, the sous chef job description outlines them in 10 duties:

  1. The sous chef’s ability to develop the menus according to the customer demand and the seasonal changes.
  2. Participate to assist the planning and preparation of meal designs.
  3. The sous chef should ensure the discipline of the kitchen activities.
  4. Overcome customer problems personally.
  5. Order new supplies if necessary after recording and monitoring inventory.
  6. Give various tasks to junior kitchen employees like dish plating, line cooking, and food preparation. This action supports their performance effectively.
  7. Recruit as well as train new employees for meeting kitchen standards and restaurant.
  8. This staff must write schedules to conduct by the employees and to evaluate the performance.
  9. Adhere to safety and sanitation regulations by implementing them during working.
  10. Giving the executive chef’s absence to manage the kitchen team.

5 Requirements on Sous Chef Job Description 2020

Being a sous chef needs 5 requirements to meet and it is not difficult. The sous chef job description has summarized it within easy to understand form. It is such as:

  • It just receives a Culinary Science in a bachelor’s degree or the relevant.
  • The graduation has experience in a similar role for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Strong knowledge of best practices, kitchen equipment, and cooking methods.
  • Excellent understanding of restaurant software programs and MS Office.
  • It orients to teamwork by using outstanding leadership abilities.
  • Communication skill is good and the ability to implement the interpersonal skills.

Sous Chef job description explains the position when replacing the unavailable chef. It conducts a lot of responsibilities in the kitchen. It includes hiring a new junior staff member. Even, it is in charge to train them to support the kitchen operation. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Sous Chef?

A Sous Chef is the same as the Head Chef’s second and Head Chef. It sits on the second position after the Executive Chef in a professional kitchen.

  • What is the Sous Chef perform to undertake the Responsibilities?

It undertakes the tasks of the chef and has some authority toward the other kitchen staff.

The sous chef takes the chef tasks when it is unavailable in the kitchen and the staff must honor it like a boss.

  • Show how to receive Sous Chef?

Arrange the job description in the most understandable format is the first step to get the best sous chef. Secondly, utilize your template after getting a modification to apply for a job vacancy. It eases to demonstrate the detailed requirements.


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