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Learn to Use Printable BMI Chart

Body mass index or BMI represents the ratio between body weight and height. In order to know your BMI, some methods are available to implement. Today, BMI calculator is the best way to know your body index. However, some people still rely on printable BMI chart. Using the chart helps to monitor whether you are in good BMI or not.

Understanding Body Mass Index

First thing before exploring printable BMI chart is you must know about body mass index. This term gained popularity in early 1960s. People started to concern more about body and health diet. In that time, food and beverage affected lifestyle significantly.

In simple term, you can calculate BMI by using simple formula. Body weight uses kilogram and height in meter by square. You can divide the weight and height then the result is BMI. This number shows the weight you have at certain height.

In the chart, BMI will have additional sections, which is sex, age, and activity. Two people have different BMI even though they look similar. Moreover, in early age, baby and children must gain as much as weight proportionally for excellent growth.

Using Printable BMI Chart

Calculation is not enough because you must know your BMI at that moment. This is where printable BMI chart provides guideline. The chart is easy to utilize by everyone.

  1. Weight and height

After obtaining chart, you can see two sections at vertical and horizontal lines. They are height and weight respectively. You do not need to calculate, but follow those lines and find where you are in term of height-weight.

  1. Chart index

The next step is to follow which index that contains weight and height from yours. That index will be the point, such as 18, 20, etc. This is your BMI based on the chart. However, it is better to calculate separately and see that the index is equal to calculation result.

  1. Color area

Most charts use color to indicate certain purposes. You may find plain chart without color. This is useful for knowing BMI, but not enough to obtain information about your body mass condition. The colors consist of blue, green, yellow, and red. They start from left to right.

When you are in far left, it means the BMI is at underweight level. Green is the best index, which is normal. When you are in yellow, you may be overweight, and the red color represents obese. Based on this explanation, you know why the BMI chart is important.

  1. Health risk parameters

Beside colors, the chart usually has additional information. It follows BMI number from left to right side. Health risk is related to which color you are in that chart.

BMI Guideline and Diet

Knowing BMI is not enough, especially for people with obese issue. The chart shows that overweight and obese have high risk for disease. Based on the result, you must start to put much concern about your health condition.

Printable BMI chart is also useful to create diet. With BMI as guideline, you just follow each chart movement until in middle of green area. From the chart, you can see your BMI in past time, and what will be in the future.

BMI Chart Printable Body Mass Index Chart BMI Calculator
No matter how the table is designed and organized, the details included reveal the purpose of the table and how to use it. It is possible to consult the subsequent tables and then decide how much weight you want to lose or win. For almost the entire population, the typical BMI graph still seems to be fine. The printable BMI table is made for adult females and men who try to control their weight. You can also use a printable BMI box to help you determine your best weight. Easy formulations There are a number of different graphs that allow you to calculate your BMI.
A BMI calculator is not difficult to use, and can help you quickly understand what type of body shape you are in. You will discover that a BMI calculator can help you with all that. In both situations, you can confirm with the following BMI calculator to check if you are overweight, underweight or normal weight.
It is known that the body mass index is among the most economical procedures to calculate the weight category of an individual. You will see that a Body Mass Index for children can help you to realize where your son or daughter should be with respect to their weight. If you discover that you have a high body mass index, you may need to take some measures to correct it. Measuring the body mass index (BMI) would be the answer and, also, a crucial step in the procedure to maintain the correct weight for a certain height.
The IMC is a very intriguing thing. Instead of just measuring an individual’s body fat, the BMI is usually used as a tool for detection. The BMI is not used until the child is more than 2 decades old. For both adults and children, the BMI is calculated in the same way. Therefore, the typical BMI can vary slightly according to age, sex and occupation. Calculating the BMI is the simplest method to understand if your weight is within the standard range for your height. It is possible to locate your own BMI by means of a table, chart or BMI graph.
It is possible to use the BMI to define several categories of weight in adults. The IMC is an easy formula that you can easily use on your own. For example, the BMI of women will probably be higher than that of men.
When you try to lose weight, you want a technique to measure and record how you do it. Ideally, your weight and measurements should be taken in the morning to provide accurate measurements. It’s time for you to consider your weight and prepare to maintain it. If you must lose some weight, there are particular things to be sure of. Most of us do not know that they are overweight, and we will have to lose weight immediately to avoid complications. If you want to see the right weight for your height, you can download an IMC box from here. It is imperative to understand what is the appropriate weight for height and age, even in the case of children and adolescents to stop the complications caused by obesity.

printable bmi chart

Printable BMI Chart Weight / Height

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printable bmi chart

printable bmi chart

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