Printable Money For Classroom

Creating Printable Money for Classroom to Teach Children

Teaching children about things that they need to learn is a must. One of lessons that children need to learn is the counting and currency. There are many ways to teach them about it. The best way of teaching it is by letting them use money in classroom. For teachers, teaching it must be hard since they will need a lot of money to use. It will not be a problem if the money is not real. In this case, using printable money for classroom is good idea to teach children about counting and transaction.

Why use fake money is a better way to teach? Well, it is because the fake money is easy and quick to get. However, teachers should make sure that it is fake money, and always take it from the children after the class ends, so there is no fake money circulating in the market. Creating yourself this kind of money is easy. The things needed are just papers and printer. As for the design, you can find printable money for classroom.

How to Make the Money?

  1. Pick the amount you need

There are many kinds of bill denominations out there, starting from $1 to $100. Pick the amount needed for class. When teaching a toddler, having a $10 bill or more may not be good since they only have the basic math. Using $1 and $5 is better to teach the basics. If the children already got better at counting, use a higher bill to teach more.

  1. Design it to look real or cartoonish

When picking the amount needed is finished, you can start to think whether the money will look like a real one or cartoonish. It is better to make a toy looking money if the students are in a starter age. Using cartoonish money will make them more interested in learning. There are many designs of printable money for classroom. Just use it rather than designing it on your own. When the students are older, you can start using realistic design to teach them not only about counting, but also about transaction and currency. Be sure to always take the money away after the class.

  1. Pick the correct size

The correct size of money is not really needed, but using it will make the money more realistic. Each bill has its own size. You can search on the internet for the proper size of printable money for classroom.

How to Use the Money for the Classroom?

There are many different ways to use money for teaching in class. Using it like exchanging the money for buying things is a good way to teach children to count. In addition, make the transaction to have some changes for enhancing the teaching. Another good way is to ask them to exchange the money. Splitting $50 bill into five $10 bill or more complex exchange is the example of it. When teaching it in the class, a huge number of fake money will be needed. In this case, creating fake money is easier and faster by using printable money for classroom.

Superhero Cash | Printable Classroom Money Behavior Incentive Pack

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printable money for classroom

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Printable Money Sheets Classroom Economy by Amanda’s Little Learners

Printable Money Sheets   Classroom Economy by Amanda's Little Learners

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