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Awesome Printable Months of the Year for Children

In fact, kids must learn a lot of things before they grow up. Knowing the name of each month of the year is one of things they must learn. Teaching them is not an easy task. They have their mood of when to just play and to learn. As a parent or teacher, you must be patient. Well, teaching while making them play is a good way. In this case, you can use printable months of the year.

printable months of the year

Why Use Printable Months of the Year?

Since it will make kids easier to learn each month, showing these printable months of the year is better than just telling them. You can also design some kinds of play to make them more interested in learning. As alternative, just give them some rewards if they succeed.

Sample months of the year

Actually, using the printable months of the year is easier and simple. You can design each month to make the kids more attracted to learn. You must also be careful in designing these months. If you make one mistake, they an learn the wrong things from it. Always choose the design carefully and pick the best ones.

The Smart Ideas to Use for Printable Months of the Year

  1. Put each month’s name and their number

Besides teaching the each month’s name, you will also teach the month’s number. Learning it is essential to make your kids know which month come after which. You can also make it into some kinds of quiz. Question them about what is the month’s name of the 3rd month, what is the month’s name after the 4th, or the others. Using this design probably will also teach them a little bit about math.

School Months Of The Year

  1. Use a colorful design

In addition, kids are not a gloomy person who loves black and white. They like colorful stuff. Therefore, use a colorful design to make them more interested in learning those months. You can differentiate each month with their color. It will make them easier to remember.

batman months of the year

  1. Use a matching drawing or picture

For your information, using only words and colors may not be enough to learn. You can help them to make it easier by giving their unique drawing symbolizing each month. Giving several things like a new year trumpet and the firework for January, a snowy Christmas for December, or a jack-o-lantern for October can be the other good idea. You can also put season design for each month. This will teach them what season each month is.

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The Common Months of the Year Template

Moreover, printing the printable months of the year in a book can be a good way to teach your kids. You can just flip each page and tell them what month is on the page. Another template is using one paper to show the whole month. Just use big paper that is enough to mention all months. Using this template is good if you can post the paper on board, making the kids easier to learn.

Just Teach Month Printable Chart Set Grade PK 5
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printable months of the year

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Spelling – Months of the Year / FREE Printable Worksheets

Spelling – Months of the Year / FREE Printable Worksheets
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