Administrative Assistant Job Description: Duties and Requirements List

Are you looking for an administrative assistant job description? Yea, if you want to get the position of administrative assistant, you have to know about the administrative assistant duties and responsibilities list. Besides, you should know the requirements of that position. So, let’s check them out in detail!


Some Responsibilities in the Administrative Assistant Job Description

To recognize the responsibilities that should have by an administrative assistant, you can check them in the information below. Here they are.

  1. Handle office tasks

Actually, an administrative assistant must handle a variety of tasks in the office. It is done to make sure that the organization and others’ interactions are well-built and productive. For the tasks, they can be generating reports, doing presentations, filing, setting up for the meetings, and even reordering supplies.

  1. Make travel arrangements

In this administrative assistant job description, an administrative assistant must help the company to make reservations or travel arrangements. It can be done by booking flights, cars, and also make reservations for the hotel and restaurant.

  1. Use computers

This kind of responsibility becomes one of the main factors to get an administrative assistant position. She must be able to use the computer for some purposes, like generate reports, transcribe from meetings, creates presentations, and conduct research.

  1. Have a professional communication

The other duty that you should include in the administrative assistant job description is that an administrative assistant should have professional communication. What does it mean? Yea, she must be comfortable with verbal and written communication. Here, she must build polite communication by phone, email, and mail with others.

  1. Provide a real schedule

Then, for an administrative assistant, she must be able to assist the company to provide the schedule for meetings and others. The schedule can be supported by having booking appointments. So, the activities that the company does should be based on the planning schedule between two parties.


Lists of Requirements in the Administrative Assistant Job Description

There will be available for you some lists of the requirements if you want to get the administrative assistant position. Please follow it well!


  1. Have an Associate’s Degree

The first requirement is that a candidate should qualify for an Associate’s Degree. It is, of course, that is related to the field.

  1. Have administrative experience

Then, it will become a priority for the company if a candidate has experience in the administrative field.

  1. Have computer skills

For an administrative assistant, she must have excellent skills in computers. It is especially for typing. It is because all of the office tasks need to be done with a computer.

  1. Have multilingual ability

It will be preferred for a candidate who wants to get the administrative assistant position and who has a multilingual ability. It means that she has the ability to speak more than one language. For example, she can speak in Indonesian and English well. It also becomes a priority for the company because they may have cooperated with other countries.



What are an administrative assistant’s duties?

An administrative assistant must be able to do what the company required. She will always assist the company to arrange for meetings and travels, managing schedules, answering telephones, and others.

How to make an administrative assistant job as you want?

You need to add and customize the duties, skills, and also qualifications when you need to make it as you want.

What should you do to get this position?

So, if you want to get this position, you should be able to do the available duties and have the requirements needed.


That’s all about the reference of the administrative assistant job description. Have a nice learning!


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