CNA Job Description for Hospital, Clinic, and the related fields


The nurse is an assistant to a doctor and now a nurse also has an assistant. The name is a nurse assistant or a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Roughly, what is the CNA job description? Try to search for a CNA job description sample on the internet to see the content or scroll down!

CNA Job Description on the Responsibilities to understand and undertake

It turns out the CNA job description specifies a lot of points on the liabilities. The liabilities or responsibility will undertake under the nurse’s direction. It implies the CNA cannot make a decision and action before getting approval from the main nurse. Okay, these are 12 liabilities to undertake by CNA:

  1. The ultimate responsibility of the CNA presents great patient care.
  2. Responding to patient calls as well as specifying the best way to help the patient.
  3. Giving personal hygiene, daily activities as the physical support form to the patients. It is such as walking, exercising, dressing, bathing, out of bed, and using the toilet.
  4. Reposition and turning the patients that bedridden
  5. Review the food allergies, dietary restrictions, and preferences of the patients.
  6. Among the responsibilities, the CNA has a right to obtain some information on the patient’s condition, suggested activities, and treatment plans. The CNA should get it from the nurses, caregivers, and physicians.
  7. Measure, record, and report changes to the nurse or medical staff about some cases. It is about the liquid intake, fecal output, and urinary.
  8. Recording vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration rate as requested by staff.
  9. The CNA must examine patients the blood in the urine, bruises, and open wounds. This step may detect issues that require medical care.
  10. Remind patients to take medicine as well as nutritional supplements.
  11. Pay attention to the patient’s behavior like physical symptoms or complaints to nurses.
  12. Keep getting updating information on the facility policy, CNA training, and procedure.

What are the CNA Job Description Requirements to fulfill?

How to be a CNA in a hospital, clinic, or related field? The CNA job description today has outlined 9 qualifications to prepare:

  • Prepare a State Certified Nursing Assistant Certification.
  • Add with a Current CPR (American Heart Association).
  • You also need a CNA program nursing degree.
  • You can think as well as work independently under the directions. Besides that, you can communicate with other staff members quickly. It includes when you are in a stressful environment.
  • Hold a Certified Nursing Assistant as the current certification.
  • The High School graduation or similar may apply for the job vacancy.
  • Follow the current identification.
  • You can operate a computer comfortably.
  • Have excellent personal hygiene.

Well, those are some information on the CNA job description that has a lot of benefits.  A hospital or clinic that uses the CNA service must provide the job description. It will make the nursing assistant or the candidates know about what he/ she will respond to. Besides that, they know what they should prepare as a requirement. Meanwhile, holding the job description of CNA eases the employer or HR explains it to the applicants. Thank you for reading! Use it wisely and get the best nursing assistant full of responsibility. Good luck!


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