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If you are an artist and need a contract to get a management service, it is a good idea to create an artist management contract. This document is very useful. You can create it yourself but you will need the following artist management contract template. So, just pay attention to this discussion.

How to Make an Artist Management Contract in 6 Steps

To create a PSD artist management contract template, you have to identify the involved parties first. The basic details should also be included like their names, locations, companies, etc. After that, you need to include the management fee. It may relate to album sales, label advancing, and many more.

Then, what you should include is the division of labor. It will help in understanding that will need more support and the reasons why they need more support. Next, terms of contracts should also be included. These may include the length of the contract, how long it will be valid, etc.

For the next step, you must layout a breach of contract where it is used when one party fails to fulfill expectations. In the end, you have to review it once again to ensure that there is no error and mistake. An artist management contract PSD template will only be valid with the signatures of both parties.

Artist Management Contract Template Samples

The following sample templates will work well for an artist management contract. One of the examples is a long-term artist management contract. Besides that, an exclusive management contract also belongs to one of the samples available here.

You can still find many other PSD artist management contract sample templates such as an artist agency contract, an artist & tour management contract, a musical director contract, an artist performance booking contract, and many more.

Types of Artist Management Contracts

Artist management contracts are divided into 2 types. The first is a short-term contract. It can also be called a trial period. This kind of contract should contain commission & expenses, contract duration, contract breaching details, and date & signatures. You can also add info about the labor division.

Another type is a long-term contract. This kind of artist management contract template PSD should come with a few elements. They include the artist, manager, territory, term, commission rate, and commission term, division of labor, artist’s bank account info, and also a breach of contract.

Clauses in an Artist Management Contract

An artist management contract should have certain clauses to ensure its effectiveness. The first clause is exclusivity where it is a clause about a minimum time commitment provided by the manager to the artist. The second clause is time or term. It relates to the number of months or years.

Management services also belong to the clauses to be included in an artist management contract template. These relate to the roles & responsibilities of the manager. Another clause is the decision-making, specifying if the manager can approve decisions & sign documents without consulting the artist.

Artist Management Contract Design Ideas

Artist Management Contract Ideas

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