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Title Page Template Samples and Guidelines

A title page is also well known as a cover page. It is used in various documents. It is very important because it can attract and impress people so that they are interested to read the content. In this article, we provide a title page template that will help you a lot.

When a Title Page Template Is Used?

A PSD title page template is used in different types of projects. For example, it is required for an academic essay. Besides that, a kind of album will also need a title page. Then, you should also create a title page for a business plan.

Other projects that may need title pages include e-books, proposals, professional reports, magazines, white papers, etc. Of course, the formats, layouts, and designs of title pages will be different from one another. So, you have to know what the title page is for.

The Elements of a Cover Page Template

A title page template PSD will have to contain some important elements. Of course, it is started by the title of the document. The document’s title should be followed by the author’s name. If the author has an academic title, it must be included, too.

For the next inclusion, a title page should be inserted by a cover photo or image to make it look much more attractive. In addition, do not forget to add the submission date or completion. One more thing to be included in this kind of page is the description of the document.

Types of a Title Page Template

Talking about a title page template PSD design, we can divide it into some types. The first type is an academic cover page. There are some formats for this kind of cover page such as American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago Manual of Style (CMS).

The second type is a business cover page. The design depends on the nature of the organization. Sometimes, it requires professionalism and formality. Even more, it may also need more creativity and flair. It can also show figures & facts. For business plans, it may need more color and imagery.

Another type is a report cover page. Some styles are available for this kind of cover page. You can choose the best one. To impress your audience, you should use creativity or professionalism. If you have no idea, our PSD title page template samples may inspire you.

Editable Title Page Templates

In this article, you can find so many templates that will work for your desired title page. Some of the examples include a proposal cover page, presentation title page, project proposal title page, project report title page, and many more.

Now, you can directly pick your preferred title page template. After that, you can change colors, fonts, images, etc. In editing the template, we recommend you to use Adobe Photoshop. A title page can be created in either a printed document or a digital one. Hopefully, our templates help you a lot.

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