10+ Pitch Deck Template Photoshop

Pitch Deck Template and What to Include Inside It

For a business reason, presentation becomes an important matter to do. Yes, the presentation can be a way to present the new program or new strategy to improve the development of the business and get more benefits. That is why you need to know about the pitch deck template.

Do you ever hear about the pitch deck?

In simpler, a pitch deck is known as a brief presentation. It is often created using a Keynote, PowerPoint, or even Prezi. The usage of this presentation way is to overview the business plan quickly. In common, a pitch deck is also used during face-to-face or online meetings with partners, customers, and other parts inside the business.

Slides of a Pitch Deck

You may find some samples of the customizable PSD design template to make a good pitch deck. Of course, through the samples, making a pitch deck will be easier and the result will be better. However, you still need to know what to include inside it.

Some matters to be written in making a good pitch deck based on the customizable PSD template are:

  • Introduction

Introduction becomes the very first matter to be written. Write who you are and the reason why you are here. Write it short and make a sweet explanation.

  • Team

The team becomes what you need to show next. Here, try to show the people behind the ideas that you explain. It will be good when you write a brief on every person’s role there.

  • Problem

The presentation should be opened by stating a problem. Explain the problem inside the running of the business and give some reasons for it.

  • Advantages

The advantages here tell about the solution. Here, you need to explain that your solutions are appropriate to be applied to handle the stated problem before.

  • Product

The product becomes the matter to be included inside the slide of your presentation. Here, you need to write a detailed product with its specification. Then, show some samples to make your partner and other audiences understand it.

  • Market

Since the presentation is used to increase the benefit, you need to explain the market including the target and the strategies. Do not forget to write about the competition, business models, and other related matters.

How to Make a Good Pitch Deck?

As we have said before, these are some samples of the template photoshop to make a good pitch deck. However, to make this presentation, there are some tips that you need to consider.

Finding the best template is what you need to do first. Compare some templates and see its element, especially the basic shape of it. Of course, the basic shape here will influence the whole result of your presentation.

Then, do not forget to personalize it. The PSD flyer template offers the default kind of color, font, and other matters to make a pitch deck. Here, you can change those matters to create an interesting pitch deck with your special style.

Well, when you look for the samples of business card free PSD template and pitch deck, you can go to Canva. Many samples of a pitch deck template are available. Apply the template and create the pitch deck will be easier.

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