10+ Gift Tag Template in Photoshop Free Download

Gift Tag Template for the Loved One: What Must Be Written There?

You don’t always have to put your love into words. Giving it shape can be one of the ways to express it too. How about giving your loved one a gift or two? Along with it, you can insert gift tag to let him or her know. There are many examples of gift tag template out there. They’re ready to grab and use.

They come with different designs and colors, but we can’t let it empty with no words. Otherwise, the receiver won’t know from who it is from. You don’t want it to end up on the wrong person too right? Let’s get some ideas in this chance.

Gift Tag #1 for Someone’s Birthday

There are many special occasions people often celebrate together throughout the year, with one of them being birthdays. For birthday gift tag, you can expect to get design as fine as business card template PSD free. As for the wording, there are different kinds to choose one from for your needs.

Simple one such as “Happy Birthday” would be enough, but you can follow it with the receiver’s name too. Even trying for something else, like “Wishing You A Colorful Birthday” would be nice for a change as well. Make your choice.

Gift Tag #2 for Seasonal Greetings

Though not that many people do this anymore, exchanging seasonal greetings sometimes can still feel special if done with the loved one. There is more than one PSD template free you can pick for such occasion. For Winter for example, you can go with “Let It Snow” as you celebrate the first snow.

For Spring, you can try “Flowers for You”, and so on. Just match the wording with what’s usually going on during the season. There is this nice ring to it when you choose special wording such as this. Get this from template free PSD.

Gift Tag #3 for Common Holidays

We do get holidays every year. Depending on what holiday it is, you will need to pick even different example PSD design. After all, there are many kinds of them, such as Christmas, summer holiday, school holiday, New Year, etc. Get what’s right for the needs for the best thing to say with the gifts.

Christmas can always go with “Merry Christmas” if you want to get to the point. Going with “Happy Holidays” would be fine too. But, since it is too general, you may add “Let’s play in the snow!” Then, you know what holiday it is for.

Gift Tag #4 for Any Gift Giving

Actually, you don’t always need special occasions to do gift giving with someone. In fact, you will make the receiver feel like a special one if you do so. Take a look at free PSD template and you will see choices for random occasions. One of them would be to say “Here’s a Special Gift” for the tag.

Follow it with “A Present for” and “With Love from” to make the receiver and the sender clear. Do pick nice design that the receiver would likely love. You will make the best gift tag template with it then. Send it anytime you want.

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