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Event Rack Card as an Appropriate Tool to Promote Your Agenda

In marketing an event, you need a tool to share the information. The event rack card is an appropriate layer to market the event you will perform. Besides looking simple, the rack card is also affordable, so it can decrease your expenditure. The rack card generally utilizes 4″x9″ for the standard size. Several explanations below will help you on how to create a great rack card based on your offers.

PSD Event Rack Card Types

The rack card is categorized into some types based on the event that’s done. Here they are.

  1. Performance Rack Card

The rack card can be distributed to spread the information about the event. The design usually consists of the event’s date, place, and sponsors. Also, it puts down the guest stars to attract the viewers. Since the performance event is not formal, the rack card does not need to show a formal impression.

  1. Seminar Rack Card

Moreover, the rack card is also able to use for sharing seminar event. The information needed in the seminar rack card consists of the event’s date, event’s place, presenter, and contact person to ease the viewers getting the updated news.

  1. Conference Rack Card

Also, it can be used to share a formal event like a conference. This rack card is designed formally. The information on the conference rack card is the conference’s date and place, contact person, and the advantages of joining the conference.

Event Rack Card Design Guideline

  1. Applying layouts

The layouts function to differ a piece of information to others. In designing the rack card, it is better to add several layouts with different background colors. It embellishes the rack card and makes the viewer easily get the needed information. Furthermore, the design also looks more colorful.

  1. Combining several fonts

Applying a different font might be an effective way. The selected font type will help to emphasize certain information, although the rack card has layout design. All of the font types can be applied as long as it is readable.

  1. Using real picture

An event rack card is better designed by using the real picture of events’ activities. It can improve the interest of the viewers toward the design. Moreover, the picture presented will make sure they come to the event.

Event Rack Card PSD Template Samples

There are various kinds of the rack card. Most of them are used to promote the events, including performance events, seminars, or conferences. However, the event rack card can also market a festival and entertainment. The template can be designed based on your need and project.

Event Rack Card PSD Format

When you use the common rack card design template, it may look unoriginal and monotonous. However, the event rack card is also available on PSD format. It will assist you to acquire the expected rack card design. PSD format keeps all editing processes in creating this design. You do need to worry because you can edit and change the fonts, color background, or layouts. Moreover, just add your picture by using the supported application. The template can be freely accessed without any payments.  

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