Jewelry Rack Card in PSD Photoshop

Jewelry Rack Card as the Advertising Document

Opening a jewelry store needs enough capital, although starting from a small scale. This business offers a large profit. Therefore, many people invest their money in this business. With a big amount of capital, as the business owner, you must advertise your store widely. In this case, the jewelry rack card can be a way to promote the business brand.

Jewelry Rack Card Importance

The presence of a rack card for the store business is as the document to promote. It can also be said as a practical marketing tool. Even, the procurement of this document is one of the marketing plans for the jewelry store business. The document will be in the form of leaflets that are printed to be displayed, picked then read by anyone who is passing by.

The document on display is not only in the store but also in public places. It can also be displayed in the waiting room or lobby of the public places, such as hospitals, supermarkets, tourist attractions, showrooms, or other places. The document is considered a substitute for the brochure because the design is smaller. The rack card only has two panels, front and back when compared to the brochure that has two sheets with four panels or more.

Jewelry Rack Card Purposes

Various intentions arise on why you should use a jewelry rack card to market the product. They are as follows.

  • The card is more practical and efficient.
  • It is reachable by people who want it.
  • It is flexible because it allows the owner to quickly adjust the content.
  • It is affordable as a marketing tool for the owner of jewelry stores
  • It can convey a very specific message that depends on the needs of potential customers.

Jewelry Rack Card Layout

The jewelry rack card must be able to catch the eyes of people who are on the go. For this reason, an appropriate and beautiful and pleasing layout for visualization is needed. The layout governs the design of the document in the editing process digitally, and it is printed into document leaflets.

In the PSD template, the layout is set because it was created to be easily customizable. For the design process in Photoshop, you just add the texts, colors, and images. In the printing process itself, it is designed according to the layout of the rack, usually using a glossy paper. The setting is also made vertical or portrait. So, all the features have been designed according to the right layout.

Jewelry Rack Card Template Basic Ideas

Some digital experts, especially the photo editing field, have provided various templates with PSD format. This aims to give satisfaction to the photo editors in facilitating the design. Even, those who are not experts in the field can edit it using the template. Moreover, the template has been designed with layers that are ready to be split, and then the customization process is carried out. The most important thing is the basic ability to run Photoshop software. With this, the process of making a jewelry rack card will be easy and give satisfying results. It can also be a promotional media for the business.  

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