Coffee Shop Rack Card in PSD Photoshop

Coffee Shop Rack Card as the Business Promotion

A rack card is the best choice for marketing. The stores often have them in strategic areas, such as at the nearby front entry, next to the cashier, in the corner rack, etc. In general, people can get and read this card easily. That’s why the location becomes an important point to gain more exposure. This is what a coffee shop rack card does.

The coffee shop is a business that combines products and services. You sell the coffee as a beverage, alongside the cozy place as the main attraction for customers. In the coffee shop, the rack card can be found in some areas. In this case, the owner spreads the cards for promotion.

Coffee Shop Rack Card Ideas and Style

You have a rack card and already read the content. It looks quite thin that’s easy to fold and keep in your pocket. You may get this one after visiting certain stores or offer. The card is located in the corner rack with the reading materials for the guests and clients

From its style, you can treat the card as a flyer with an elegant design. It is different from the usual flyer with excessive composition and too much-colored appearance. On the contrary, the coffee shop rack card is quite similar to business or personal card, but the design is more elegant.

Coffee Shop Rack Card Components

You can distinguish between this card and flyer easily unless designers intend to make both as a flyer. The components of the coffee shop rack card will be explored in the following list.

  1. Business name

The business name means the coffee shop itself. Make sure you put the proper name. People may read all contents, but the main one is still the name itself.

  1. Primary offer and service

The card is dedicated to marketing. Due to its size, you choose the offer that’s unique and specific in your coffee shop. For example, you have a special menu and the card explains why the customers must try it.

  1. Contact info

At the end of this card, you should put the contact info. For a coffee shop, this part will be the address, phone number, email, and social media. In general, the name is enough if your business is quite popular. People will know where to find your place. However, adding more information is better, but it just keeps it as simple as possible.

Coffee Shop Rack Card PSD Design

Designing a rack card is not difficult. Firstly, you should enlist the components and items that will be on this card. After that, prepare the logo and background. The design is preferable with PSD format. You are surely familiar with this extension since it is the most popular one in the digital design.

Coffee Shop Rack Card PSD Template

Some PSD templates for this card will be useful as references. You can edit and change a few things. Some samples include:

  • Simple template
  • Special offer template
  • Rack card template for menu
  • Professional coffee shop rack card template
  • Marketing rack card template

Well, you just choose one of the coffee shop rack card templates that are compatible with your needs. Make sure the result is elegant and excellent.

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