Fashion Rack Card PSD Template Free

The Fashion Rack Card to Increase the Sales

A rack card is utilized to promote selected goods. It gives a simple impression towards customers because it will be printed in a small size. For you who have a business in fashion plan, using a fashion rack card will help to market the goods you sell. Then, how can you get the expected rack card? There are several guidelines to design your rack card, and how to attract the customers to the offered information.

Fashion Rack Card Attractive Information

Based on customers, there must be attractive information about the rack card content. You can try using the information below.

  1. Discount payment

The customers will be interested in the shop which presents the discount. In making a fashion rack card, the discount payment becomes the highlighted information. Therefore, everything about the discount has to be included in your rack card.

  1. Brand clothes presented

Besides the discount, the brand clothes list also influences sales. The brand sales information aims to ease the customers in choosing the expected clothes.

Fashion Rack Card Design Guidelines

  1. Using several layouts

The rack card form is frequently composited of layouts. The layout contains the photo, brand clothes presented, discount, and many others. Besides, it is also able to make the rack card more colorful and simple. The intention of using the rack card is to make the customers easy to get the needed information.

  1. Adding a picture

A picture can be a reference for customers in choosing their fashion style. Putting a stylish person as the model in the rack card is an effective way of promotion.

  1. Customizing the font

The application of font is also impactful for the people’s sight towards the rack card. When making this rack card, you have to consider the fonts style. The simple one is the best choice for a fashion rack card. You can enlarge the discount and shop’s name word to make it more readable.

  1. Applying bright color

Bright color can make the costumers pay their attention. To create a rack card, you can use one color for the background. However, in customizing the color combination, applying several colors is allowed.

  1. Putting contact person or address

The contact person or address of your shop is an important thing as well. When customers need to ask about the clothes’ supply, they will exactly contact you. The contact person and address will ease them to confirm the goods they would buy.

Fashion Rack Card PSD Template Sample

There is a rack card template sample for the fashion field. The PSD template is used to give you a recommendation about the design. The template can be directly adopted for your rack card.

Fashion Rack Card PSD Format

The rack card is designed in PSD format. It saves all the editing process, so you can change or edit the selected process. Furthermore, you are allowed to freely access the ready-made template without any payments. The format helps you to realize the expected fashion rack card. Also, it has a high resolution that finally results in good printing.  

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