Travel Agency Rack Card Free Download PSD

Travel Agency Rack Card Designs for Tour Package and Promo

Travel agency always has many kinds of promotion and marketing media. Strategies are also combined with the media to get the best results in attracting more people in using the services. In this case, there can be many kinds of media to choose from, and the travel agency rack card is one of them. This simple card can be so handy and effective in promoting a nice holiday and other services offered by the travel agencies.


Creating the Travel Agency Rack Card

Since it is about rack cards in travel agencies, it should be made well. It will be necessary media of marketing and promotion, so it is necessary to get an attractive design. To make it, these steps can give some suggestions.

  1. Make the design

In making the design, considering the concept and theme is good to do. For example, it is a moment of summer holiday, and then it can be picked as a good theme. Later, design can follow and develop the theme.

  1. Have great pictures

Travel agencies provide tour packages. It means that there are destinations to go to, and it is good to provide attractive pictures instead of explanations or descriptions. Pictures always tell the info better than words.

  1. Use the nice fonts

Even if there are fewer words to use, it is important to choose a good font. At least, the font for its headline must be clear and attractive. When there is a discount, it must get special attention, so people can easily notice it.


Holiday Package Travel Agency Rack Card

The holiday package is always a great chance to make a travel agency rack card. This opportunity cannot be ignored, and there will be many customers using the services when the travel agency can promote the services and promos well.

For the design, it can be made simple and attractive. It is not necessary to have many pictures. Even if it is a holiday package to some destinations, the best picture of tourist spot is enough. It will be attractive points, and it is better than having many pictures arranged randomly.


Promotion Travel Agency Rack Card

Having promotion is another method to have more people using the services of travel agencies. Since many agencies are offering similar services, having promos and marketing media are important efforts to win the market.

Having promo can be broadcasted and announced by using a travel agency rack card. In this case, the design should show a good picture of the tourism spot or destination. On top of its design, a nice promo can be shown, so people can easily notice the information.


Expo Travel Agency Rack Card

There are many occasions to use the rack cards. It can be placed in the lobby of hotels that have a partnership. Then, it is possible to display the cards in the tour agency’s office. Of course, some expos also become a great chance to distribute the cards. 

It is not always necessary to have a new design of a rack card. However, when it is possible, having new cards is a good opportunity. For example, it can show a special voucher or discount for anyone having the card from the expo. By doing this way, the travel agency rack card can serve better functions.

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