Insurance Agent Rack Card Customizable PSD Template

Insurance Agent Rack Card for the Advertising Document

An insurance agent is a legal entity or refers to someone who markets insurance services to prospective clients on behalf of the insurance company. Also, the responsibility carried by the insurance agent is to guarantee all losses caused by death, accidents resulting in damage to the car and seriously injured victims, earthquakes, fires, etc. Also, to introduce the insurance agent that you are running, designing an insurance agent rack card is needed.

The Insurance Agent Rack Card Importance

One important thing about the provision of rack cards is as an advertising document for the business brand. This is considered more effective and efficient. In the printing process, it should be printed up to hundreds of leaflets which are usually displayed on a rack. They will be seen, picked up, and then read by people passing by.

The rack cards are usually found in the waiting room and lobby of the shops, hotels, airports, landmarks, and public areas. As an insurance business owner or insurance agent, the card can be a way of advertising your service business brand, so it reaches the wider community. Moreover, collaboration with various public places is needed to display the rack card.

The Insurance Agent Rack Card PSD Template

The selection of an effective and efficient format will help in the editing process. PSD templates will be the choice for editors to do it through a photo editing software, such as Photoshop. An insurance agent rack card file will later be a customizable template that can be instantly downloaded and edited. The template is a high-quality graphic and layout file.

The Insurance Agent Rack Card Processing

The insurance agent rack card is made by paying attention to the digital design and printing. For digital processes, it can be done with Photoshop. The following are briefly explained in the processing.

  1. The digital design

You can use the ready-made template as a working file in Photoshop. The editing process will also be fairly easy and quick because the PSD template has been designed with various features and textures. You only customize it by adding the text and image or changing the colors.

  1. The printed design

After doing the digital design, the next step is the printing process. What needs to be done for this process is determining the size of paper design. The paper used is the type of glossy white paper and glossy surface. It can also be said as a photo paper. The printing is oriented in portrait form. While there are typical sizes 3.5 × 8.5 inches and 4 × 9 inches. It is printed in full color according to the color selection of your design.

The Insurance Agent Rack Card Usage

Well, the insurance agent rack card is used as an advertising document for your business brand. This is commonly used in almost all organizations and businesses. This is also used instead of brochures because it is flexible and affordable. Also, this can convey information at a glance in various locations 

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