Hotel Rack Card Free PSD Template

Hotel Rack Card Design for the Hotel Marketing Efforts

The hotel always needs promotion. Even for the famous hotels, they still need to maintain good marketing to always have guests booking the rooms and gain profits from the business. That is why the efforts never stop, and using the hotel rack card can be continuous efforts of promotion. In this case, the hotel may create interesting designs, so the rack cards can be placed in the lobby, rooms, and distributed as the media of marketing.


Tips to Make Hotel Rack Card

Rack card may seem simple since it only has few pages or sides. However, considering its content and design is quite confusing, since it should be great and attractive enough, so people are interested to see the info. To get it done, there are some tips to do.

  1. Choose the attractive color

For design, the color becomes a basic element to consider. Good color can determine the quality of the design. However, it does not mean that it must use many colors in a single rack card. On the contrary, it is better to use color effectively.

  1. Choose the layout

The layout will determine the distribution of contents and information. In this case, rack cards should have more images and photos instead of words.

  1. Use a call to action

When it is about marketing, having a call to action is a good idea. It can be simply done by adding a discount or voucher on the rack card.


Hotel Rack Card designs

In terms of design, it is possible to have many kinds of the hotel rack card. Each hotel will have different concepts in making the rack cards. In this case, one of the possible ways is by arranging the pictures. The card may show pictures of the hotel and its facilities. It can be arranged on the first page.

Then, the second page is more about the hotel description or explanation. This way, the distribution of information can be even, and it is helpful for people. However, it is also possible to have a call to action on the first side together with some pictures, and have the second sides with more pictures and key services.


Hotel Rack Card PSD Samples

Since it will only have limited space, it is quite tricky to have a good design. Some people may be triggered to add more pictures, but it will only ruin the design. On the other sides, it is made into like a brochure, so there is an explanation, and it can be boring to read.

In this case, it is good to have some PSD hotel rack card samples. This provides good references for making the design. For example, there is a nice sample of rack cards. The card only shows one spot of the hotel, but it is an interesting spot. It takes the photo from inside the room, so it is possible to see the pool outside and its decoration in the interior.


Hotel Rack Card PSD Template

Making the card design is truly a challenging job. The design will be used by the hotel, and it will be printed into hundreds of pages. When it is not good, then it will bring disappointment. That is why it is very important,  

In this condition, it is better to have a PSD rack card template. This can be a good way to easily get the design. The template provides some basic design, and this file can be downloaded easily from a website. Later, the template design can be customized to get the best hotel rack card.

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