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Service Catalog for Business and Company

The company often releases a catalog that contains new products, offers, and services. In simple terms, it is a book that organizes the products in proper arrangement. The simplest example is a fashion catalog. On the other hand, some businesses start to make a catalog as a part of a promotion. This is what the service company does when introducing a service catalog.

In general, this is just a regular catalog with several things that the company provides. The design and layout must be functional with an artistic touch. As you know, the service business depends on appearance and image. It convinces clients that you are the best choice.

Service Catalog Ideas and Purposes

Some companies use the catalog as the product itself. That’s what happens in the catalog in industries, such as fashion, automotive, software, and home appliances. You can treat the service catalog with such an approach if your offer is worth it. The main purpose when designing a catalog is for marketing that helps clients to find what they want. The services are already organized with comprehensive detail.

Service Catalog Design and Layout

The design and layout for the catalog will adjust the company and business. If the service is about tourism, you can put the design that’s related o traveling, journey, holiday, tourism, and vacation. For the layout, you may adopt a book-like style. It has the front cover, pages with contents, and back cover.

Service Catalog Components

The next section will explore components in the service catalog. You may have two catalogs from different companies. At first glance, the difference is obvious because of the design and style, including cover and color. On the other side, the main components are relatively similar.

  1. Front cover and company name

Appearance is an important part of the service business. You have to make sure your business is legit and reliable. That’s why most of the catalogs for the service company rely on the attractive design on the front cover. You need to add business or company name then put something to attract the attention, such as the images.

  1. Introduction

The catalog is not a flyer or brochure that you do not have enough space for the introduction. On the contrary, one page after cover is dedicated specifically to the introduction. You can explain your service and business. As usual, adding an image is necessary.

  1. Services, offers, and packages

The next component is the core contents of the catalog itself. You can use the table of contents to enlist the offers. It is helpful for readers or clients when finding the right offers or packages.

  1. Back cover and more info

The back cover should match with the front cover in terms of design and layout. You may extend the design from the front to the back cover. Add details, such as contact info, address, phone number, email, website, and social media.

Service Catalog PSD Template

The company can hire professional designers for handling this task. Of course, it will cost more money and budget. To reduce the excessive cost, you can use the PSD template as an alternative. Having the template can shorten your effort since the options vary. Designing the service catalog will be simpler and easier with the PSD template.  

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