Happy Valentines Greeting Card Free Template in PSD

Happy Valentines Greeting Card in Various Attractive Designs

Valentine’s Day becomes one of the special moments in a year. It is a great month for lovers, but it is not only limited to couples. Those who want to express love and cares for friends and families can also have Happy Valentines Greeting Card. This may seem simple, but it is perfect to express the feeling. That is why many people will find various greeting cards. Some people also make cards and find some references to get some nice ideas in making the best greeting cards.


Creating Happy Valentines Greeting Card

Making the greeting cards for Valentine’s Day has some steps, and it is quite similar to other kinds of other cards. However, the messages, greetings, and its design will be more specific. To get some references, these may be followed.

  1. Get the right paper size

Greeting cards can use various types of paper and size. It is important to choose the size properly since it will be more helpful in the process of making its design and layout. There are some default sizes already, so it makes things easier.

  1. Make the layout

This can become the best and most important part of making the Happy Valentines Greeting Card. The step will determine how the card looks like, so it should be prepared and planned properly.

  1. Get the nice fonts

The greeting card will always have short greeting or message. This should be made nice, and a good choice of font type, size, and color play an important role. Even, some simple designs can be outstanding with a great choice of font.


Cute Happy Valentines Greeting Card

Everyone has different choices regarding greeting card design. For Valentine’s Day, some people want to show something cute in its design, and there are some cards to become references. In this case, a nice card shows a cute picture, but it also looks romantic at the same time.

What makes it looks cute is the appearance of the kitten on the card. The kitten looks sleeping comfortably on the fluffy pink heart. On its background, some pink butterflies fly around the cat and heart. To make these look more attractive, it has a simple white background with a simple greeting on top of the card.


Romantic Happy Valentines Greeting Card

Of course, Valentine’s Day mostly is related to romantic vibes. Couples may use the card to express the feeling. Other people may also use the opportunity to express love or propose marriage. In this special moment, romantic Happy Valentines Greeting Card is a good option.

Related to the theme, there is a nice design of greeting cards. It is actually quite simple. It only has a single picture, and it is a bouquet of red roses. The flowers are shaped into the heart, and then it has a simple white background. To make it more romantic, the rose petals are found scattered all around the design.


Simple PSD Happy Valentines Greeting Card

For some people, choosing the image or photo for the greeting card may not be easy. There are actually many images to use, and these can be modified further. However, some people choose to have a simpler design.

In this case, a simple greeting card still looks great. For example, there is a red greeting card. Then, there is a simple word of Valentine’s Day greeting. It uses the unique font, and white is picked for its color. Around the words, there is a simple scratch shaping a heart. This may look simple, but it is the nice Happy Valentines Greeting Card.

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