Elephant Day Greeting Card Example PSD Design

Designing World Elephant Day Greeting Card with the Templates

Elephants are the largest animal on land, and they even have large trunks and menacing tusks. They are quite gentle, and people usually call them gentle giants. As a tribute to this gentle giant and way to conserve them from poachers, people raise their awareness by celebrating August 12th as the world elephant day. On this day, people around the world send world elephant day greeting cards to the fundraising donation that will be used for elephant conservation. You can also participate in this event by making your greeting card. Here are the steps to make this greeting card.

Elephant Day Greeting Card Details

Before designing the greeting card, you should know all the interesting facts about why people celebrate 12th August as World Elephant Day.

  1. Mission

World Elephant Day aims to create awareness of the urgent plight of African and Asian Elephants. It also spreads knowledge about how vulnerable elephants in the wild.

  1. History

The world-first celebration of Elephant Day began on August 12th. It begins when the film “Return to the Forest” narrated by William Shatner was airing on a show. That film tells us about captive Asian elephants which then released back into the wild. Since that day, Elephant Day is celebrated around the world.lt is their day! make t and 40,000 for Asian elephants.

  1. Issues

Even the world is celebrating that day until today, there are still some issues related to elephants. The high demand ivory is affecting the habitat loss, human-elephant conflict, mistreatment in captivity, and many more. These issues are still relevant and valid to this day.

How to Design Elephant Day Greeting Card

  1. Picture selection

Select the best picture of the elephant from your gallery. Make sure to use a heart-warming picture of an elephant, so your world elephant day greeting card can touch the hearts of your colleagues. If you don’t have any pictures, you can search it online.

  1. Use typography

Using typography to boost your greeting card appearance is a must. Combine the typography with unique font, and make sure all messages are readable. Moreover, add a heart-warming message to also help the typography effect on the world elephant day greeting card.

  1. Mix and match your color choice

Color choice is an important aspect you should never forget. Using the right color choice will make your greeting card look pretty and appealing. The color choice will boost the heart-warming effect as well when combined with the right message. right and make sure all the messages are written is readable.

Elephant Day Greeting Card Template

You can make your greeting card by drawing it or use a design application available. However, when you have no time to design it, there are many pre-designed templates to use. Well, you can choose the free PSD templates, and then adjust the main items according to your event.

Elephant Day Greeting Card PSD Format

PSD world elephant day greeting card template is the right choice to save your time and energy. This format allows you to edit the greeting card as you want. You can download this template online for free then edit it in a specific design application.

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