Birthday Greeting Card in PSD Photoshop

The Birthday Greeting Card Free Template to Download

A birthday greeting card is used at the birthday party to greet the guests. The cards are usually placed on the welcome table or on the chairs. If you want to make a stunning party, make sure that the greeting cards are well-designed, too. These are some templates that you can use for the greeting card. It will surely ease your way of making the card rather than designing one on your own.


Birthday Greeting Card Best Designs

When choosing the greeting card for a birthday party, all you need to do is focusing on the design. The design is everything as that will be the only thing people see on the card. These suggestions down below are going to make the best birthday greeting card for your party. Read them and make sure you do involve them in the design.

  1. Birthday Cake and Candles

As the card is for a birthday party, it is quite obvious that the birthday cake and candles will have to get involved in the design. These images are the ones telling people that the card is for birthday party purposes. You can use a real image of the birthday cake along with the lit candle. Or, you can also use an illustrated version of the cake.

  1. Balloons and Other Whimsical Designs

The birthday party is always related to balloons. They are colorful and they are always there at the party. For those who are making the card, make sure that balloons are added on the design to give lots of colors. You can also use some other whimsical designs for the card, such as confetti or birthday hat.


Photo Birthday Greeting Card Template

One of the best ideas when it comes to birthday greeting card is the one using photo collage. This is the best way to display the pictures of the birthday boy or girl. This template is perfect to make a photo card. All you have to do is downloading them and then adding some pictures of your selection to the template.


Kids 1st Birthday Greeting Card Template

For the kid’s very first birthday party, you can use the template right here. The color of the card can be adjusted to the gender of the baby. If the party is for baby boy, you can always use the shade of blue for the card. If that is for baby girl, pink will always be the right and proper color for the greeting card.


Elegant Birthday Greeting Card PSD Template

This is the template for an elegant greeting card. It looks stunning with the picture of the birthday boy or girl in the center followed by some other designs around it. Download the PSD template for free, and you can use it later on for the card.


Those are the best ideas when it comes to greeting cards. It is easier indeed to use a template and not doing everything from zero. You will do the entire process of making the card a lot easier. This is why downloading those birthday greeting card templates are surely important for everyone who is about to throw a birthday party soon.

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