New Year Greeting Card Free PSD Template

New Year Greeting Card to Represent Prayer and Expectation

A New Year celebration is a moment that has been eagerly awaited, and can later be an unforgettable moment. This is because the moment comes every year with a change of the year. To give a greeting in the form of prayers to the distant family, relatives, friends, or coworkers, you can send a New Year greeting card. The card serves as an expression of prayer and hopes to the recipient.

The New Year Greeting Card Presence

The days, months, and years changed. With the change of the year or New Year, of course it is also accompanied by a new spirit. Giving a greeting via a card is a sign of caring, prayer, and hope for others. Besides the form of a card that’s designed minimalist and charming, the contents are also the things that have deep meaning for the delivery of these words.

New Year celebration is not a party, but the delivery through prayer and hope. Praying for others through a greeting card is also an important point as a social creature. The greeting card is more able to convey one’s presence on that special day.

The New Year Greeting Card Development

The greeting card may be almost left for some people because of the development of social media as digital communication media. Previously, it was indeed known as congratulation at certain moments like New Year. However, the card is an important communication tool for certain matters, such as business. In accordance with this development, the other functions of making a new year greeting card are as follows.

  1. A way for promotion: this method is by giving congratulations and thanks to customers and business partners.
  2. Notification: aside from being a greeting and thank you, it can also be added by informing all information about business brand or products.

The New Year Greeting Card PSD Design

The New Year greeting card can be chosen by instant download. The card is available in the PSD template format that you can use as a card that is ready to be printed or edited in Photoshop. Since the template can be edited easily and quickly, to satisfy having a card of high artistic value, the customization process is carried out.

The New Year Greeting Card Template Function

The PSD template which is a design point certainly has the functions that will provide convenience and satisfaction in design, including:

  • As an initial concept of the digital work design

The first function is to determine the design of your digital work on photo editing or graphic design. All features and settings have been arranged well and fully customizable. By utilizing Photoshop as the default application, it certainly provides a high level of digital artwork.

  • As a Photoshop file

Moreover, the next function is as Photoshop file that contains layers as the objects, customizable layouts, and other settings. With this function, the file can be used repeatedly as a design for your New Year greeting card to give the desired display satisfaction.

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