Exhibition Catalog Customizable PSD Template

Exhibition Catalog Design by Using Editable Template

The designing exhibition catalog is not an easy task because your work must be appealing to the targeted visitors. It is tricky when you have to set a good balance to create minimalism in the catalog design. The artistic value should be a point because what you are talking about is related to the art concept. The purpose must show the best artsy nuance to the visitors invited by that catalog.

Exhibition Catalog Importance

The catalog is used as a tool to identify and reinforce the event awareness for all targeted visitors. Marketing specialists must have known about how far this involves the sales income and benefit. In general conclusion, the exhibition catalog is created as a document that’s functional and appealing to everyone who sees and reads it.

Various Types of Exhibition Catalog

There are two types of catalog in the exhibition. The two mentioned catalogs are:

  1. Printed catalog

Events or exhibitions often use this media and create it just like magazine to be spread to the visitors. It explains everything related to the concept taken for the event. It explains the history, picture, information about the exhibition, etc.

  1. Digital catalog

The content might be as same as the printed one. However, the digital catalog is more simple and shorter. This is because the catalog is only being used as a secondary option when the possibility to create the printed one is small.

Parts that make up an Exhibition Catalog

The catalog document is composed of many parts. Some parts are often used, but some of them are not. But in general, a catalog always needs the following parts.

  1. Front cover. It is an attractive center for readers.
  2. Chapter separation. It is also important in the exhibition catalog to divide some different parts, so the readers get their direction in understanding the purpose of the catalog.
  3. Final pages. They are usually used as a description of your advertisements or promotion about the event or your sponsors. You can also add some notes.
  4. Back cover. It can be the last part considered, but it is important to create a nuance of professionalism. Moreover, the back cover is the closed door that makes visitors feel respected if you make it at its best.

Organizing Exhibition Catalog by PSD Template

The parts that exist in the exhibition catalog need to be organized. To make it simple, you can use the PSD template to design the layout, colors, headline design, or even the fonts you are going to use in design. Using a template will not make you lose the originality because it only provides the basic. Also, you are still capable to re-design it as your ideas go.

PSD File Type for Exhibition Catalog

Every designer works for catalog design must know what PSD file type is, and why it is beneficial to use it in your template. You can say the PSD template is an angel that helps every designer to meet specific demands. Some of you find out the idea through the template, but sometimes you don’t have any access to re-design it. However, by having PSD templates, it is possible to have the editable exhibition catalog file.  

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