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How to Create a Printable Compact Product Catalog

Regardless of your business scale, a compact product catalog is a compulsory element to expand your business and boost your sales. There’s no need to spend lots of money on the printing services and professional designer if you can use the high-quality pictures, supporting word-processing software, and a decent printer. However, if you want to offer a printable online product catalog for your customers, you should use particular software to convert the document into some files that can be viewed and printed by customers.

Important Thing to Do before Making Compact Product Catalog

If you are going to create a compact product catalog for the first time or improve the old one that you have created before, you should know how to create a list of products that answers the primary objectives of any customers. First and foremost, check out these essential questions before you start designing the catalog.

  • What kind of goal do you want to achieve by making a catalog?
  • Will you be offering a paper or just an online compact product catalog?
  • What kind of response do you want to get?
  • Do you want to boost your sales or change your product image?

Knowing Your Compact Product Catalog Audience

Successful marketing is when you offer the products to the right target marketers. Not to mention when you make a compact product catalog. You need in-depth knowledge about what type of customers. The paper product catalog will not be the same as an online catalog that targets young people in the age of 18-30.

By knowing the right audience of the catalog, you will be able to adjust the styles, such as the language, layout, and location of products on the page. Once your potential customers know what they want, there will be a conversion from both the traffic and sales of the product.

Design Your Compact Product Catalog

If you are planning to show the products that you sell most attractively, follow the steps below.

  1. Take High-Quality Pictures

Take pictures of the products you want to offer in the catalog if you don’t have any high-quality pictures. Make sure the pictures are in 300 DPI resolutions. Take some different pictures for each product, so you have a lot of options.

  1. Write the Descriptions of the Product

Write appealing product descriptions that will attract customers to purchase your product. You need to include the product name, reasons why people should buy it, the price, information about the sizes, and the colors of the product.

  1. Create a Mockup

Create a mockup of a compact product catalog by using the paper size that you have chosen. Recommended paper sizes are in A4. Print out the picture, adjust the size if you wish to print it in the catalog, arrange it as you like, and make sure you leave enough space to write the descriptions.

Refine Your Compact Product Catalog

Once the design of the product catalog is ready, take some spare time to revise and refine it. It is your last chance to find out the flaws of the catalog design and content. After improving it, you are ready to print it out.  

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