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Minimal Product Catalog to Increase the Customers Appeal

Building a business without a big risk is the desire of all businessmen. The risk in question is a large loss that will be encountered. The most important thing is careful planning and marketing. Starting a business from zero requires tenacity on all of these things. A business can be started from a product that meets the basic needs of customers with a minimal product. After that, to increase the customer’s appeal, the minimal product catalog can be a marketing medium for the business.

The Need for Minimal Product Catalog

A minimal product is created with minimum effort, but it can distribute value to customers or it has a high use value. The purpose of holding a minimal product is to be able to ensure that the product will be purchased by the customer. This is also the role of the catalog needed as a medium to introduce the product. The catalog will be able to accommodate the information on the minimal product that has been arranged.

Minimal Product Catalog Purposes

Gaining an understanding of customer interest in a product is one of the main benefits of creating a minimal product catalog. It aims to more quickly find out whether the product is in demand by customers or not. Also, the catalog is minimally made for:

  • To present all information

A catalog can aim to present information in the form of type, usage, function, cost, and product category. Also, it also presents company data, including the address, telephone number, e-mail address, website, opening and closing hours of operation, as well as ordering and payment methods.

  • To increase sales

The catalog is also a persuasive communication medium that’s designed as attractive as possible to facilitate the delivery of product messages. The delivery of persuasive messages aims to increase sales.

Minimal Product Catalog Excellences

Using a minimal product catalog is considered effective and efficient. Therefore, the excellences that can be obtained from the catalog are:

  • Guaranteeing certainty of product specifications offered.
  • Providing ease in knowledge about the product.
  • A list of product collections is arranged systematically, so it is easy to convey product messages.

Minimal Product Catalog Design

The minimal product catalog should be designed to be attractive to show a classy and professional character. The design of the catalog can be made of the PSD template. This comes as a file that can be edited and personalized for the creation of the desired design in the catalog. The file has a PSD extension, so it can be customized in Photoshop, which also functions as storage of all information from the image. It includes the editing of file format as well.  

Moreover, the layouts have been arranged in a template to be fully customizable to make it easier to change text, images, colors, and other settings. This catalog is certainly printed with a type of paper with a smooth surface, such as art paper which provides a high-quality print. That’s because the image quality uses a standard resolution of 300 dpi with accuracy from CMYK color composition.

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