Architecture Rack Card Example PSD Design

Promote Your Architecture Company with Architecture Rack Card

If you offer architecture service to help other people in having their dream houses, you may look for the best media to promote it. Whether you are the staff or the owner, you want to boost your company’s profit. It means you need a promotional tool, and one of the effective ways is using a rack card. There are some important things you need to know about using and designing an architecture rack card. Besides being easy to bring, a rack card is beneficial to create an overview of your architecture service.


Designing Architecture Rack Card Tips

  1. Engaging Colors

You need to make your architecture rack card pop out by using colors that grab attention. Try mixing and matching some colors to see what works best for your design.

  1. Call to Action

This part will help your rack card beneficial to the target. You need to think about how to put it on your card that gives an inviting reason for the readers. If it works well, people will be driven to come to your company.

  1. Top Position of Call to Action

You need to make sure your call to action becomes on the top priority. Put your call to action on the upper half of your card design.

  1. Business Information

Of course, the essential part of using a rack card is including your architecture company’s name, phone number, email, or website. Make sure you are easily reachable for your customers. If possible, add a simple map. Of course, you can also add a special offer, such as discounts to make your rack card more effective.


Designing PSD Architecture Rack Card Layout

There are few guides to design your architecture rack card layout. Here they are.

  1. Maximize Use of Color and Images

The top part of the card should include the company’s name or logo and engaging image. Maximize the use of original and unique images of your architecture service. You may need to do a small research on other attractive rack cards and apply it to the layout.

  1. Brand Your Work

Create your company’s identity brand by using colors and content. By randomly picking a general template that does not represent your brand or taking a quick layout will not be attracting your potential clients.

  1. Focus on Your Content

You have to be clear about the message on your rack card. It is better to be specific, so it will attract the specific type of client as well. It is suggested to write your enticing point in five words or less.


PSD Architecture Rack Card Design Ideas

Feel free to browse some architecture rack card design ideas. You may find these design ideas flexible, editable, and suitable for your professional architecture company. Just choose the best design that’s suitable for your preference.


PSD Architecture Rack Card Design Templates

Creating your architecture rack card with the PSD template is a good choice as it is easy to edit. You can customize the templates, download them, and save your final result of the rack card in PSD format. Last but not least, don’t forget to print it out with the highest possible quality.

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